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Posting at the risk of offending certain people, a thread for general chat where everyone is welcome, and I will not be asking ANYONE what they are doing posting on this thread - it's for everyone.

So please get stuck in, and if you don't mind, I'd sooner not be referred to as a Hoe, or hoe-er - in America, and bits of Yorkshire, it has VERY derogatory connotations.

Ok mummy, sounds good

Excellent idea MMP. 

Great idea. I'm just back from my allotment having finished off my raspberry bed and started on a new strawberry patch. The other half has the week off so we're trying get as much done as possible. Just contemplating what's for dinner, but I think I'll have a long soak in the bath first.

I hope you've all had a good day

Oh, MMP, I am laughing so much, I am in danger of wetting my pants.  You could be dicing with death you know.

Brum, where have you been?  Thought you had given up on this motley crowd.

Glad you're back Verdun.




Brum - stop shouting.

I'll get me coat.

Wooohooo!  Great to see you back Brumbull! 

Hope I don't find any horses' heads on my doorstep in the coming days

Everyone welcome here, all the rest is billhooks (sorryTina, you might have to change your name to 'Tina Whoosh Turner'

Tina, Brumbull is excited. He shouts then. And he is bit deaf, poor fellow
Well done mummy too
Gardening Grandma

Evenin' all. What a lovely bunch of people! I feel I am among friends.

Isn't that what the Mafiosa do when you've been placed on their hit list?  leave you a horses head?

Brumbull, you Ladykiller you!

Any shouting is excused for the evening, as the Bull is Back!


Brum-good to have you back my love 

Tina-don't you have any tena lady????

...I'll get my coat...


MMP - 'got any 'ose'....very good!





me to GG turned cold here for a few days but not freezing so i think thats an improvement, funny how it goes, still got a warm glow on the back of my neck from saturday.

Think its time to shave again back of my head is starting to look like one of those baboons again...



Tina- I'm just visualising you as that character David Walliams does in Little Britain-the one that chats to people while 'springing a leak'....


Not that long back in from getting the area where my second greenhouse is going to go it's 8ftx6ft so i will start the base tomorrow. Must say it's still a biting wind out there i was wrapped up like it was December just wish i had it up as i have plants coming out the door of my other one to meet me but the weather is changing this Sat thank goodness.

I am very jealous of those that have greenhouses.  And Sheds.  I did have a tool store, but can't get into it anymore, it's full of spare glass for OH's beloved Ford Escord (it's a Mk 2 before you picture him as a boy racer).

I have advertised on Freecycle wanting shed, greenhouse, chicken coop (OH says we can have rescue hens when we move in Sept), no joy yet.......don't suppose anyone here has any spare?


Sorry MMP, can't oblige.  Wouldn't mind a little greenhouse myself but it's getting all the things you need for it.  Don't know whether I could be bothered. Used to love working in my Dad's, but that was a long time ago.

Fairygirl, wait until it's your time.

Andy, 2 greenhouses! You are keen.


Greenhouses are wonderful. You can have coffee in there on sunny mornings and watch the plants grow


I used to love doing that Nutcutlet when I had a conservatory.  Having a south facing garden, just a little sun would make it so warm and it was as if you were sitting in the garden itself.