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08/07/2014 at 21:23
I had an email today from Rebecca. The lady in charge of the BBC 2 program. It seems I had posted somewhere, that I was a Lily enthusiast and was adding to my collection. OK True. However as like most gardeners. This year must now hold the record for slug and snail invasions. Believe me. We Brits are not the only ones to have suffered. I am also into other scientfic fields, and reports being circulated, don't paint a rosy picture. Back to the email. Rebecca, has asked me how I have got on this year. If only we could talk face to face. Rebecca, it has been a ghastly year. I spent a small fortune purchasing fresh lily bulbs. Planting and labelling etc. All of a sudden everything started to grow. Bulbs sprouting, seeds germinating here there and everywhere. Roses needing pruning etc, shrubs just going mad. Then Bang! Mike ends up in hospital. Not for long, but the after effects have lingered on. Despite all attempts. Messres slug, snail and partners, really attend to my lilies. Some had barely poked through the compost, and, gotcha. Not always by the firm, Slug, snail and co, but soilborne insects. So a lesson to be learned. When spraying the plant. DON'T forget the soil/compost. To be honest, and as a pro. I have to admit. I hang my head low. In all honesty. My lilies were a disaster. I belong to the RHS Lily group, so perhaps I might rake out the old begging bowl, who knows.
08/07/2014 at 21:49
To continue.
I have noticed recently that one or two of my manuscripts have ony partly appeared on the forum. I am back at the hospital on the 31st. I wish that I could go in the night before, then they wouldn't have to wake me up. My appointment is for 07.31 That time of the morning. Nowt to eat or drink for six hours before. When it comes to waking up. I think I will survey the scene through slitted eyes. If she is a good looking nurse, I will need a lot of waking up. However in all honesty. Talking this over with Amanda, my youngest. I might well decide to make this my last investigation. I still have another blood test to go for. Mind you. I have become so used to these now. Mind you. Let the reader use discernment. Those words of the plebotomist, just a tiny scratch. One or two say. Just a little prick. That's it. All done. Oh! the story of my life. Back to the garden. I have so much on. I must get out and take more photos for the book. I must stop growing so much. I must convince myself that, even though I don't feel a day over twenty-one, I am not getting younger. So a quick look at the tiny garden. Roses plenty of blooms, fantastic scents. Lilys as mentioned. Fuchsias, some just starting to move. Within the next month, I will probably take around a hundred cuttings, also of the geraniums, and to be honest. Anything else that takes my fancy. The syriga bloomed well this year, but most of it overhangs next doors garden so chop chop. Philadelphus has to move again. Cornus, Buddleja, Vibernum etc will have to come down lower. Penstemons are offering plenty of cuttings. Water lilies will have to raised and chopped about a bit. In the greenhouse. Primula seedlings slow but geting there. Alostrameria have been good. Benefit here of gowing in pots on a soil based staging. Seeds become available so do tubers, Thes form from roots that exit the pots into the soil bench, and then swell. What else? Yes, Cannas have done pretty well. Dahlias seem to have emmigrated to Oz. That's it for now. Enjoy.
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