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Morning all. As the title says my greenhouse has gone to see the wizard of Oz. Woke up Saturday morning to find that my greenhouse had blown away in the wind. It amazed me though as one plant pot was still in place on the intact shelving!!!!

Couldnt believe it. Cheeky thing even had the audacity to knock the fence over as it left. Hope everybody survived the storms intact. At least it was only my greenhouse that went, I realise that there are others far worse off than me.


Wonder where it went? Do NDN now have a greenhouse?

No idea where it went. Found the door in a couple of pieces in the field behind the house, but no sign of the rest yet!!!


Oh dear - sorry to hear that   Is it salvageable? 


Oh, crossed posts!  What a PITA!   Not a lot I can say to be helpful really 


No problem Dovefromabove. Am definately thinking about having a potting shed instead. Just got to raise the funds now


Good lord that will be a surprise for whoever finds it on their land!

This weather is making me triple think how I'm going to secure my new greenhouse when we replace the current one.


sarahandrob, it comes as a bit of a shock when you first look out and it isn't there. My first GH was plastic and I opened the curtains one morning and couldn't believe my eyes it was in the middle of the veg plot. I can laugh now but I didn't at the time.

Hope you get your potting shed soon.  

Thanks KEF. It was a bit of a shock. This one was a plastic covered aluminium frame. Firmly dug into the ground, with slabs around it to weight the skirts down!!!! What shocked me most was that the staging was still stood there, slabs all in place and even left me one plant pot still on the staging. I have to laugh now, wasnt at the time, but can now say that the good lady has found it. Its currntly about 300 yards from the house, completely flat and pressed against a hawthorn hedge in the corner of the field!!! Looks pretty unsalvageable


Wonder if you could make a couple of cold frames out of it.


What's the scrap value of aluminium?  Must be worth something .... that'd help towards a potting shed and a large cold frame maybe?


Hmm, about 50p per kilo - not a fortune - how heavy is a greenhouse?

Peat B

I spent £60 on new panes and  'W' clips, to replace the Oz tourism. Then, the storms came, but up here, in Northumberland, we had it relatively easy. The soil is still very clarty, but with a bit of adding veg matter into trenches, I think we can pick up a bit of growing space.  I think I spend about £25 pa on replacement glass, but it's worth it. 

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