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Hi all i have 1 grow bag and 2 compost bags still full unopened from last year. I was just wondering do these have a shelf life with the nutrients in them or will they be ok to use this year for me vegi's


They should be okay to use now. I have used 3 yr old bags before now with little or no difference to freshly bought.

Steve 309

On the same subject (well, nearly) I'm about to buy a load of (about 20) growbags for tomatoes, peppers & melons.  Do we know which are the best value for money - and peat -free?  Otherwise I'll have to buy a couple of each and do a trial!

Thank you


Lets us all know the results if you do a trial please, Steve 


Steve 309

Of course.... I was just wondering whether anyone had done it already.  Since I'llbe spending someone else's money on them I don'gt mind if they're not the cheapest but I would like them to be good!


May be worth a look at 'creative garden ideas' or CPL as they were.
They do bulk offers sometimes.
I usually get my seed/potting compost delivered free from them as it's cheaper than a lot of places.
B&Q Levington is in 50L bags, CPL comes in 70L bags
Can't suggest which grobag is best as I usually mix my own.

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