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She's lovely. I've got two of them.
I can see how she was a winner

Hello all! I received my Gertrude Jekyll and L D Braithwaite roses from David Austin yesterday. Gertrude smells absolutely fantastic. Me and the other half spent this afternoon moving stuff around in the garden and planting my new purchases. I'm trying to sorts pics out but having trouble. Will post as soon as I'm able. I might order some more roses... DavidK, I am going to take a look at Peter Beales as you recommended.


...more lovely roses there...I do like that Rhapsody in Blue...I see that here and there and always catches my eye..

...I got rid of my Gertrude Jekyll a couple of years not say why as I don't want to spoil anyone's enjoyment of this rose, but it went along with some other Austin's... I have a love/dislike relationship with some.... also out were 'Spirit of Freedom'... 'Lady of Megginch'...'The Alnwick Rose'....   several others down the years for various reasons.... I have found some to be disappointing and I think planting them as a single specimen - as we mentioned above...could be a reason....

...yet I still buy them....  I now want 'The Poet's Wife'... 'Susan Williams-Ellis'... 'Anne Boelyn'... and 'Lady Emma Hamilton'...

...talking of the late Peter's a photo of a rose I bought whilst in conversation with him...he was wheelchair bound and just happened to wheel past and stop by and chat whilst I was sniffing the blooms....we shared a sniff

...I was surprised that he didn't seem to know a great deal about this rose I was holding at his nursery... but I suppose he couldn't be expected to remember them all...

...'Francis Dubreuil'.. aka 'Barcelona'...






Hi DavidK, no I didn't - you and those who have given me such wonderful advice have been so helpful; I really appreciate it. I'm also after a climber.. do you have any suggestions? The only thing is our road is on a slight incline, so access to the garden is via decking. In this particular case, whatever it is I plant will have to go into a planter for this reason. Any advice/ideas most welcome. Well, I'm knackered, so will see if I can tear myself away and get some sleep..

salino let me know next  time you have a clearout!



lol...oh I will....tends to happen quite often.... I think it's been a good summer for roses... so many looking their best right now....


I can recommend "the Pilgrim" too. Here is mine. Mine is in a pot. This is last year, it's taller this year, but haven't a good photo.


all mine except gertrude bit too young to expect much planted a few las year and some this spring, expecting more in years to come fingers crossed

Wow, some lovely roses there. I will try and post up some pictures of mine later. I have recently planted Nostalgia, Zephirine Drouhin and Mme Alfred Carriere.  I have had some flowers off all but Zephirine Drouhin, but all have had good healthy growth since planting May this year. 

i have z d she's lovely, fab fragrance, plan on getting mme a c when one day get pergola


DavidK and Busy Lizzie; thank you for sharing those wonderful pics. I do prefer recommendations as opposed to "shopping blind" so to speak. The Pilgrim is next on my list 


BTW DavidK, my hubby knows all about you (and everyone else!!) helping me. In fact, he actually asked me if I wanted to go out to various nurseries/garden centres yesterday - that never happens! We're both really enjoying the garden now thanks to my new found obsession with roses. But more importantly, the right ones. 

david why don't you come and live near me? i'm sure you'd enjoy sunny sheffield and i'm sure my garden would benefit!! totally agree theyre my faves too

bev we live a minutes walk from botanical gardens, go most days and at the moment wandering round the rose garden thiugh it's not big, sniffing is a delight


Hi Rosemummy, I am jealous! That said, we're not far from Leeds Castle in Maidstone. We were meant to go yesterday, but instead got side-tracked by the vast array of roses en route at a nursery... I fully intend to get there though.