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When you say had lots of flowers, do you mean this year or last year? If it had flowers this year then it's just having a break. Give it a good feed and water and it will flower again when it's ready. Can't remember with Iceberg, I know it's a repeat flowerer, but some roses flower in June then September and some roses flower in June and then on and off for the rest of the year.


..regarding your Iceberg rose which I note is the climbing version, I think you will find that in the early years, much like a rose called Mme Alfred Carriere, it takes time to build up into a repeat flowering rose... early on it will flower only once until it's got itself into a rhythm...

..a quote from late rosarian Graham Thomas ''when well established is constantly in flower'' I wouldn't worry too much...just give it more time there..

as for St Swithun... this is a problem I have with some of Austin's, and other old that they can 'ball' in wet weather... I had this with a couple of his recently and I got rid... Spirit of Freedom for instance has some 200 petals on each rose head...far too many and they cannot cope with lots of rain.... I suspect St Swithun has similar issues...  nothing you can really do about that...but you can try to tease them open but some buds are beyond recall I'm I would have to snip them off... hopefully it repeats quickly enough for you to get more flowers during dryer spells...

Thanks Lizzie and salino, I think you're right re st swithun, iceberg hope will mature well, it's really high now, around 15 feet, and has fallen down as I haven' t any support that high yet, need time , ladder and a drill... 


..anyone want a David Austin rose half price...?   I went to a garden centre today.. one of those I think in the Wyevale group... and so many plants were reduced 50 percent off....including all Austin's....loads to choose from...

...  I have a list of 4 Austin's that I wanted to try as I'm redoing a border this autumn..and 2 were available that I have researched, so I picked up 'Wollerton Old Hall'... and 'Lady of Shalott'...     this is the garden centre plant sell off period it seems... worth going to have a look...

i would love another scepter'd isle to plant next to my existing one, and i 'm sure i can make room for another gertrude...


regarding taking cuttings, i've read 2 ways, 1 to do now, semi ripe? and hardwood in autumn, anyone any advice on which best? my only rose that's established is gertrude, all my others planted last or this yea, would these be too young to take cuttings from?

my aldi rose flowering... labelled hybrid tea pink's actually a single flower..pretty but not what i expected, still, what can i really expect for 1.89?


My roses are just about finished for the moment. The odd flower here and there, but some new shoots are growing and some new buds are forming. Have fed them.


Hi folks,  I posted a while ago about suggestions for replacing a gloriana on an arch, something that would go with Mortimer Sackler.  Well I visited David Austin today 'for a look around'  after having a long chat with one of the gardeners (I went really early and no one was about)  he said that they never plant mixed roses on opposite sides of an arch due to different habits and flowering times.  I took his advice and bought another mortimer sackler.  However, I havent waited for the autumn as I said I would and have moved gloriana to her new home and planted mortimer in her place. Heres hoping that they both survive.  I can see myself doing a lot of watering in the coming weeks.  Never heard of Uncle Tom's rose tonic David, is it organic.


Im not an organic gardener David but if something comes along that does a good job and is organic I'll use it.  I currently use the David Austin Rose Food and get very good results.  I try not to spray, only doing so if I get black spot but I tend to buy roses that have very good disease resistance to its very rare.

Yvie I moved 'generous gardener' climber in may and it went into root shock, it looked terrible for a few weeks and is now doing beautifully, lots of new growth and a fair few flowers, it' s only a year and a half old in my garden though, I did plant with microrhizal fungi and loads of manure

 my new eden 88 rose I've been wanting this for ages, went to Handley and got it hurrah!! I'd read it didn't have much fragrance but actually although it's not mega strong it is a lovely fragrance, i ordered 'twice in a blue moon' and 'sharifa asma' as bareroots for autumn too

also any suggestions for highly fragranced light to mid pink roses, largeish flowers?

Orchid Lady

It's beautiful Rosemummy  I'm moving my roses about in autumn, not sure where yet but am thinking about it at the moment.....and new additions of course 

My 4 Aldi roses have all flowered now and my Iceberg (new this year and a climbing one) has stopped flowering a while ago but does have lots of growth.

Thankyou David, that is beautiful! can't believe I hadn't seen that one! I want to see it in the flesh but from the pics I've seen I even prefer that to Alan titchmarsh (rose not chap!)