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..almost impossible I would imagine...and you'd have to continually make room for more each year....I wouldn't fancy looking after them all..

although the biggest rose garden in the world, Europa Rosarium at Sangerhausen, in old East Germany, has 75000 roses...of 8300 species... most other things these's on You tube...



Love roses

Yarrow2 if you get this brochure/online or paper it tells you in more detail than DA the conditions certain roses will grow in. I have found it very useful. It also gives a perfume grading

I have a lot some are not yet in bloom

this is a DA one called Summer Song

 and this one is an older variety climber called Handel (planted last autumn)




hollie hock

Not a rose grower, I do love them though. In my grandads garden there are still roses in bloom from his parents garden, probably over 70 yrs old now

david spikes, that's an amazing photo, beautiful


Just a quick message to say thank you all for your advice. After lopping off the water damaged roses, I have a few new blooms that are looking far better.




Hello DavidK! I can't thank you enough for starting this thread and advising me what to do in the first place. I have some white roses and yellow one's that are also starting to bloom now. Problem is stopping myself from buying more.... I'm going to find some roses that like shade (if there is such a rose!) for planting at the end of the garden 



Matty2 thanks for providing that link in an earlier post. I'll take a look at it myself 

 Flora rosa

wow Bev, they're beautiful - so jealous ! what a fantastic colour


Hi Flora Rose, thanks . I am rose mad so having to force myself not to go out and get more..that said I tend to go to nursery's - none of the garden centre chains although what they have is pretty good. I just find you got more of a plant for your money. 


Hi David, I've just googled for some pics and they would be a lovely addition to a partially shaded spot at the back. Would be a fabulous place to sit with a glass of wine and a good book.


I have Gertrude Jekyll in a shady spot on an arbour - a bit prickly but what a scent!!

There is another one by beales called Dixieland Linda - same sort of poor conditions tolerance and same scent, Orangey coluration - look it up! On my wish list if I ever find room.

i have 24 roses I think


Hi Matty2, as you've said, another beauty. Scent is very important to me because as pretty as the one's I have look, they have no scent whatsoever... thank you for the recommendation. Another one added to my list! 

Bev there's a rose nursery nest us, so helpful and really good prices, the have a pretty good good choice too, I've bought a few from David Austin who have always been really helpful, Gertrude is stunning, I wouldn't be without her, our gardens front and back are tiny, so far I've squeezed in 14 roses, there are 3 more i must have, me Alfred carriere for when I get the pergola I want built as it doesn't get loads of sun, Eden rose cos it's stunning, and boule de beige same and good for cutting


Wow Rosemummy - Perhaps I should just go with my love for roses if you have 14 different types! I have plans for Pergola for our garden at some point so another reason to buy more..

you lot! Stop it! Or I'll be adding to bent collection! Gorgeous pics. And the roseM says there's a rose nursery within a stones throw....

Where abouts is it?  I live in Kent. Then again, I should just Google 



We used to live in Kent before moving to France. We had acid clay, very fertile, grew stunning roses. Used to exhibit in the village show.

We are going to England on holiday and will visit David Austin's rose garden in Shropshire.


Oh dear, I said all that on page 2. Silly me!

mrs g, handleys? i've spoken on phone, really helpful, planning a visit, ,aybe even next week, it's not far from us