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sorry bev, it's about half an hour from sheffield, they do post out, handleys rose nurseries, david austin is wolverhampton, definitely planning to get there 1 day

Hi roseM, not been there will have a look and maybe tag along with you sometime...but definately not buying anything!

Such a beautiful pic DavidK... I don't think in all honesty I will be able to restrain myself when out "looking" for roses... Thanks to all for the location information. 

I'll go and check it out mrs g, of course I won't buy anything.. Ahem... I' m so excited as all my new roses planted as bare roots this April have bud s on, even generous gardener that I had to move has 3 and I thought that wouldn't flower til next year, cannot wait to see eglantine and scepter'd isle


..time to pick some roses....

..'Bonica'.... in a Chinese vase...





I had to force myself not go and buy DavidK's recommendation Gertrude Jekyll. I will give in and go get it tomorrow..!!

This thread is an absolute joy to look through! I also live quite close to david austin roses and can definately reccomend the food-yum!
Dunno if this is any help, but i grow generous gardener and brother cadfel against my north facing fence, they only get sun in the evening, seem fairly happy
Would buy all of the roses possible if i could!

Salino, those roses look superb. Rebecca, this thread was started by DavidK and has been a fantastic source of information for me. Enjoy

bev , give in, gertrude is divine, i go out every morning before 6 to smell!

Orchid Lady

I saw this thread last week and when I went to post I couldn't find it!!  Glad it's popped back up again.

Here are a couple of my lovely roses taken just now.

Climbing Iceberg

 Many Happy Returns

 Both were new this year and I'm new to Rose growing (no surprise there then!!) apart from the red one below which until this year has just done it's own thing!!

It seems the snail likes to sleep here....not for long though, he's bird food now 

This is my climbing red rose, That's Jazz, a rescue rose a couple of years ago and now quite tall


i keep finding snails asleep in my icebergs , they go for a watery holiday before a permanent holiday via the green bin

Orchid Lady

We've got a few birds pecking around this morning so I left it for them 

So boys and girls, what is your fave rose?

Beautiful pics Orchid Lady!

rebecca, i haven't got all day! i'm v indecisive...shortlist: gertrude, sceptr'd isle, generous gardener.. then when my other new ones flower, princess louise, eglanyne, they may join, i love queen of denmark but it needs more sun than i can give it.... and eden rose a d boule de neige which i haven't got yet! sorry told you it wouldn't be a decisive answer!



Hi Rebecca Hughes, I'm not really sure at this moment in time what my favourite rose is because I'm so new to growing them. I'm off to buy some with scent today.

Orchid Lady - I'm terrible when it comes to slugs and snails. I can't stand them and feel incredibly squeamish just thinking about them. But, I have to deal with the buggers all the time because they love my Hostas! That said, my 10 year old daughter and my husband are both fine with them. They're gathered up for a neighbour who feeds them to her chickens

ooh bev let us know what you get, june perfect time to buy as you can smell, my st swithun looks really gorgeous but i'm disappointed with fragrance, i bought from david austin site as bare root , doing well but but wish it smelled as good as it looks, eden is also not well fragranced i'm aware but will be in middle of bed uop obelisk i can't get to so won't miss a good fragrance there

Rosemummy, those are all great choices, do you prefer old rose types then?

Bev, i havent yet seen a rose i dislike, you cant really go wrong, happy shopping

OL, yours look fab, very healthy indeex, beautiful colour

I had to force myself not go and buy DavidK's recommendation Gertrude Jekyll. I will give in and go get it tomorrow..!!