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Just my luck - I contacted the nursery I get all my plants and flowers from (The Potted Garden in Maidstone) to find out if they have Gertrude Jekyll in stock. They have completely sold out and won't be getting any more in until the autumn .  I'm going to Google and see where else I can go to pick a couple up. I know there are mail order services with some suppliers but I do love to go and browse. Wish me luck 

Rosemummy, have you visited David Austin? Its really strange how different the scents are, the strongest ones are the ones closely related to rosa rugosa, wild edric is lovely but very spiny. Mom has darcy bussell which is nice too
Has anyone grown bobby james? Its supposed to be heavily scented, but huge! Is itworth a try?

Hi DavidK, such a beautiful rose. I'll tell you something though; this is a serious learning curve for me. The Gertrude Jekyll you recommended is very popular. To the point where I am struggling to find any near me. I'll just throw my search out further afield and get ready for a trek in the car! 


OK, silly question time; Container Roses are planted in pots. What does Bare Root mean? (what's the difference?). Thanks



Don't worry; got the answer 


..lovely roses everyone...isn't that Royal William gorgeous..?

..not grown Bobby James..bit too big for me... here are a few more of mine..

'Mutabilis' .. as the flowers vary in colour from orange to yellow to pink...this is a rose for the acquired taste I think...grows really big..10 x 8 foot or climbs against a from May - October...individually nothing scent..but en masse like whirling butterflies all over the shrub... and that's how it is a big colourful shrub for the back of the border... it's best viewed from afar..


'Royal Jubilee' Austin and one that is new to me.  I have it growing up an obelisk..and out of strong sun as I gather it doesn't look its best then..gets scorched....I'm quite liking it...strong scent, almost too sweet...


'Chartreuse de Parme'... this is a Delbard rose...with a scent as strong as any I've had.. I think..better than Gertrude Jekyll in my opinion... but it is a hybrid tea and I don't usually grow these...



..I'm sure you'll be very pleased with them...nice quick delivery too...I never like to wait too long for these

...I wouldn't mind getting another Austin called 'Lady of Shalott''s a colour I think would go well with purple Cotinus...and bluey others...


If only I didn't live so far from them! I love to take my time looking at them and smelling them. But, thanks to all of you on here and your advice, I am pretty confident these (or any of the other roses DA sells) will be absolutely perfect. I've been out of work for nearly three months now and my garden is the only thing keeping me sane between interviews and job hunting.

Sorry to hear that Bev, on the bright side, its nice to be in the garden as much as you want!
Maybe the guys on here will organise a group trip???

That's the positive thing; the weather is generally lovely at the moment 

This is my second summer at home too, its not all bad, on saying that i was taking to a frog earlier, so maybe not!
Chin up, nothing stays the same for very long x
Which would you say is the best rose garden to visit david?

We are going to visit David Austin's rose garden tomorrow as we are in Shropshire on holiday. Will send photos. I want to buy a couple of climbers.


Lizzie have a fab time will go one day, Bev enjoy your roses, can't seem to click on those links which ones have you got?