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Thanks! Been rose searching - 'Geoff Hamilton' looks stunning! 


David Austen's garden was stunning, best I've ever seen. Perfect time of year for it. We got there early, just as well as by lunchtime it was full of people and there was a queue outside the restaurant door. Bought Teasing Georgia climber, Crown Princess Margarita climber, Lady Emma Hamilton and Rosa Complicata. Will eventually send photos, but signal is bad here and we are just off to eat;

Glad garden was lovely lizzie, welcome tina,this forum is fab, you have excellent taste, I have 2 of those and love the rest on your list, nearly got brother cadfeel eglantine eon and will flower any say, hope it's as lovely as the pics that made me buy it


I've just googled the roses you bought Busy-Lizzie and they are all so beautiful. I have been in my garden today looking at what needs to be moved around/dug out to accommodate the rose garden I am planning 

Ooh just googled it, another one on the list.we may have to move to a house with a larger garden to accommodate all these....


David Matthews2

So many wonderful images of gorgeous roses - my congratulations to all who have contributed to a truly beautiful thread, with such well-reasoned /seasoned knowledge to boot!! I have recently inherited a rose garden that dates to the late 1950's, with some rootstock that probably came from my great-grandfather's gardens of the early '20's and '30's. I attach some recent photos with the fervent hope that some more knowledgeable people (with good memories) may be able to put names to some of the roses featured:





 * I recall Dad mentioning Peace, Rose Gujard, ?Evelyn Cussons amongst many others that escape me now.







David, we had all those when I lived in England. Now I'm worried about getting the climbers through customs when we get the ferry home. They are quite big and in flower. But DA do export to France.


Wow lizzie, did you have a wonderful day? Fab place, would live there if they would let me!

David M , the first one is peace, strangely enough it was featured on a tv show last night! It marks the end of ww2 when families could go back to having gardens, and didnt need to dig for victory

.oh aren't they all gorgeous...including David M's above there...

I love the way Austin's have those conifers as accent plants amongst the roses...

star gaze lily

Stunning pics Busy Liz. Glad you had a lovely time.

My mum and dad always had a peace rose too, lovely memories.


Wonderful Lizzie - the colours and the sheer abundance- and bet the scent was unbelievable........definitely now on my list of gardens to visit in June

Killed my spirit of freedom , found her, very brown and crispy yesterday! One of my faves too, my own fault, moved her and didnt look after her properly- let this be a warning to you all

Oh well will have to go rose shopping

Hi Lizzie - please can you help me with the name of the rose in your photo 2 above the peacock ? I have enlarged the photo, which is stunning, but the name plaque is obscured by a rose! Could it be After Dark? 

Looks an amazing garden to visit! 


'Sceptre'd Isle' that one... lovely isn't it..?


Thanks Salino! I'm getting really spoilt for choice now. 

It is beautiful - don't be sorry!
Have you any experience of growing Fantin Latour? I saw it as a climber at Arley Hall Gardens in Cheshire but have also seen it advertised as a shrub. Any thoughts would be welcome. I also read that it may suffer from black spot which is worrying


David Matthews2

Thanks for the ID of "Peace", BekkyH. I believe hat there is a "Pink Peace" in the collection too, but it wasn't in bloom when I was up there gardening last week. Hopefully I'll take some more photos (when the second bloom gets going) and try to 'map' out the various bed contents before they fade...Glad also that the old names stirred some fond memories for you, DavidK.