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David i noticed you said to plant them out in a few weeks time. What sort of date do you normally put them out I live in the north east and was thinking end of april.


Thanks for the quick replys thats great ill keep check on here for when other people are planting theres. I have also bought a sweet pea planter from morrisons the dwarf kind that goes into hanging baskets etc. When should I sow them?

I Wish I had found this site earlier it beats most advice i can find anywhere.

HI David ,should i water them while they are in the cold frame?They look a little dry. Ta Deb

Thank you David ,. I watered them and it has been very cold here at night They are doing great I never thought a plant could take the cold weather like sweet peas do. I placed a red giant mustard plant in the cold frame also, it seems to have more tender leaves and wilts when its too cold ,I could  then cover it with a blanket as not to get too much of a deep freeze. Ta Deb


Thanks for the excellent advice as always


Bunny ...
I usually start mine later but planning to start this weekend/next week . I would have thought best in the house to start as very cold very still , I am surprised at how hardy these sweet pea seedlings are sounding .
Bunny ...
I start in house (windowsills) , I don't usually put them into greenhouse until April / May but usually start later too so I shall stick with indoors then greenhouse, cold frame and plant out . Being Scottish border/Northumbria we are too exposed for outdoor experiments.

Hi, my s/p's are coming along quite nicely now in the greenhouse. I've nipped them out to about two leaves. Should I grow them on a bit longer before planting outside? They still look a bit wee to face the elements (we are sheltered here from North and easterly winds).

Also do you recommend using an enricher such as 6x (concentrated manure) when they go outside?

Finally, I'm hoping to grow these for table decorations at my daughters wedding at the end of August. Are there likely to still be lots of blooms then? the garden will be looking like a sweet pea factory at the rate I'm sowing

Thanks for any advice folks,


Thanks David for your helpful advice.

The ones I have in the greenhouse are mid Jan sowings so hopefully they'll not be too bad come August. As you advised I will plant some direct as well as extra insurance otherwise we'll be off to the florist come August!  I've also ordered some of the 'freebies' plugs on offer in this months Gardeners World mag and have the nippings that I potted up looking quite healthy I said,sweet pea factory there'll be room for little else. Only two more daughters to go after this one....

Thanks again ,



I've set some away today David and put them in the gh outside that has a fleece cover,  I thought I had some seed to do an Autumn sow which I did in 2011 but because I fractured my ankle in the December of that year they didnt get looked after and I couldnt get to them because of the pot so the seedlings died and I couldnt get to the shops to get fresh seed for last Autumn (actually I forgot about them) so only got the seeds on Saturday,  anyway,   they will be OK won't they David I know they are hardy things but there's going to be such a change of night time temperatures over the next week with hard frost or mild .


I am thanks David but the ankle does twinge when it's cold,  just as long as I can potter about the garden planting things I'm OK ,  got new trellis for them to climb up so roll on growing.

David K wrote (see)

You're welcome, Carly.

Since I posted my last reply, I've taken a peek  at your profile (I'm lusting after your greenhouse) it seems we both live in the same county

I bought the greenhouse from the Greenhouse People in your neck of the woods. It was an ex display, one off model and a real bargain. I haven't stopped smiling since  and can be heard repeatedly chunnering 'I love my greenhouse' as I potter around the garden. Just hope it's the real thing and not a short lived infatuation!


David I know you spoke about preparing soil earlier, I'm presently just container-gardening (built a new house and it will take a couple of years to get the garden going ) so I wonder how to prepare the soil for growing SPs in containers? Got regular compost from garden centre, also bought manure from garden centre last year and still have some left over, should I add some manure to the soil in the container before planting?