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No worries David, it's not exactly gardening weather anyway . Thanks for the advice, it's my first time growing SPs.

Hi david I just found the other pages on this site I must press reply to get to them. now that I have found it I must ask for your advice .My sweet peas are doing well and have been out in the cold frame for a while ,the roots are starting to grow out of the bottom of the loo rolls .HELP! what should I do .TA Debra

Bunny ...
Do you just use standard size pots David ? Don't the roots get damaged ? pleased with my SP seedlings this year. Kept nipping off extra growth over Winter...grown in the GH, they have had no TLC, not been brought indoors once and nearly all the plants have at least three shoots from one seed...looking really good and healthy...I'm planting as companions along side pea's and beans but any spares will now be planted along side my climbers in a flower bed....when would you advise they can be planted out...

Bunny ...
Ahhh ok David . I don't have those , using the old rolls , maybe I shall shall trainers next year .


Could I sow sweet peas directly in the ground now or should I wait a bit? Is there anything special I should do, other than following the instructions on the packet and pinching out once they've got two/three sets of leaves? Thanks in advance

Thanks David. Will check the weather forcast for the next week.


My second set of sweet peas are not germinating. I placed them outside and they didnt germinate, well one did. So i brought them in for more heat and for 2 weeks nothing happened. I then swapped the seeds thinking maybe they rotted or something and started again but this time indoors. One germinated and non of the other have after 3 weeks, I had no problems the first time i dont understand what im doing wrong. I have had the seeds stored in cuboard indoors since september? could this be the problem or im i doing somthing wrong germinating them. I have nicked the seeds as per my rhs book i did last time and had 90% germinating.

Any help would be appreciated.

The potty gardener

David I have my SP happily growing in a little plastic thing- when would be the best time to plant them in the ground? I'm on the south coast so usually a week or so ahead of other places.


I have planted another set think they were either getting too warm or drying out as they were on a windowsill above a radiator which was perhaps the problems. If all else fails i buy them from b&Q.


I have had 1 germinate so far. I can see b&q calling lol. Could it be too warm its 25 degrees in the room due to the sun shining through the window. I know its not the best temerature but if anything i would have thought it would have speeded up germination.

derrick hammer

how long do dose it take to germinate  in a summer house without heat but cover by a dome (planted tens days a go) . or do i need to bring inside to get then started ? .No sign of life               thanks bob