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Doing mine this week David! Promise!  

Orchid Lady

I'm in the North West David, I will probably put them inside this weekend but in a different room than the others where it is cool.

Orchid Lady

David, sorry I missed that last post of yours on here.  I have seedlings in the garage at the moment and I have all those seeds from the place you recommended waiting to be sown, I was hoping the GH would be up and was going to put them in there as there is no room in the garage now.

The dining room doesn't get too much sun as it is at the front of the house and north facing, if I turn the radiators off it is quite cool so think I may sow some and put them in there.  The seedling seem happy in the garage at the moment and are growing but slowly.

doing mine this week whenever can get babysitters tp be here for couple of hours, can i ask a stupid question..i don't need to put crocks in bottom of seed pots do i? can't remember from last year ( i was pregnant so had baby brain.. still have!)

Orchid Lady

I hate to tell you Louise but that baby brain never goes....mine are 15 and 12 and there is no sign of it returning to normal 

I don't put crocks in the bottom of seed pots just in the big pots when planting out.


thanks both, 1 more thiong, last year used normal compost general purpose, this have bought seed compost which do you think beat, sorry if all this info is in your posts david, i only get chance to skim read! tracy glad i'm not the only one!

Orchid Lady

I bought JI seed compost Louise, never used it before though but they seem to be doing really well.  I'm going to use it for all my seeds this year 

yes thanks both, i think i may try half in each and let you know!


I've always used a standard MPC Louise, with no problems, but I've never sown in autumn, only this time of year or directly outside later on in spring.

David will keep you right - he's the Sweet Pea king here! 



Thank you David for  the cordon method info.I tried it about 30 years ago when I had my first garden.I had some success as far as I remember.but I was very inexperienced in the garden then.Since then I haven't had a suitable garden for growing them till a couple of years ago. I had decided I would try it again this year,after using the decorative method [didn't know it was called this] so it couldn't have come at a better time.

Here's a couple of pictures of my plants now.They were sown the first week in December.They;ve been in a cold greenhouse.Do they look ok.




I have just planted mine from the seeds I collected in October.  This is the first time I have grown from  seed I planted half in seed compost and the other half in general compost and they have both begun to show.   Bit of an experiment but so far so good for both.   Both are on the back bedroom windowsill so getting the rays and heat from the house.   Once they come through do they need the cold then to continue growth.   I do have an unheated GH, so could move them into there.   Any recommendations.     


I sowed my seeds on 7th February. So far in the last week 8 out of 36 have germinated. They are on a windowsill in a room which is a steady 15°. Do you think the others will germinate? Should I sow more?

I've been looking back over this thread to see what others have done and I find it a bit confusing the way people use sow and plant. I thought seeds are sown and plants are planted. I kept thinking people were planting their baby sweet pea plants when they were sowing their seeds!