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Orchid Lady

No coddling, that's the difficult bit because that's what I'm good at!!!  I'm always being told to sit down and relax instead of fussing over everything, but I like it!!  I will try very hard PROMISE! 

I'm glad there is still loads of time to plant outside, my to do list is growing every day!!


The biggest problem I have with sweet peas is keeping the mice off them.

The ones that germinated last October (in the seed pods) are 6 inch high, in the cold polytunnel thing. New seeds   I have planted in deep roottrainers. There is one lot in the main greenhouse (frost protection) in a tray with a propagator lid and mousetraps set. One on the top shelf of the polytunnel, hoping the mice wont climb. One set in next doors conservatory (mouse free). One way or another I intend having some to plant out later on.

hmmm have noticed i was v stingy with compost so a good few aren't in as deep as i planned..i planted 60, should i turf out and replant shallow seeds or just plant more for lusk? planted so many as a;want lots! b; want to give my mum some and c; have little faith ! am so annoyed as tried to do it right,as always was rushing

Hi David - I have just found some 2/3-year old sweet pea seeds, many still in the pod, which I collected from a very good sweet pea batch in the autumn of 2012 I think. They've been in a dark cupboard all that time; do you think they'd be viable for sowing/germinating this year? There was no rotting and they look pretty much like the new ones I bought in packets for this year. Thank you!



Fidget, my mother used to put her edible garden peas in paraffin before sowing because the smell kept the mice away. Would probably work for sweet peas.

thanks David, i'll do that tomorrow if i get 2 minutes, was going to today but wanted to see yours or others more experienced advice 1st


I had some old sweet pea seeds that I found in a jar in the garage. I put them on some damp kitchen paper and then as they started to germinate, I put the seed with a tiny shoot about an inch deep in compost. I had about 80% germination with no wasted compost.


Yay!!!  First sweet pea seedling has made an appearance - sown last Wednesday!!! 

They're indoors on the dining room windowsill.  The mini-grow house is waiting for them. 

wow, sounds good/promising fidget - I will give it a go, thanks to you and David. I wondered - mice - is it just the seeds that they like or is it the seedlings? My first batch is up in the unheated GH, covered with polythene, but they look weak - if I remove the cover have I extended a dinner invitation to the little furry things??

i'm such an airhead...topped up pots today...with multi purpose compost, they were all in seed compost, know i said i'd do half and half but though tseed compost better, now thy're all in a mix!!! if i had a brain people i'd be dangerous!!!

Orchid Lady

I think Louise was doing a little experiment David, if I recall correctly and wanted to see if there was a difference between the seed compost and MPC, but now she has spoilt her experiment??  I think that is right 

Orchid Lady

It was David, but I think she may have topped up with the wrong compost....I may be wrong as it has been known for me to get confused but I blame baby brain