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Orchid Lady

Beautiful David 

Your say, why don't you just go away and practice your use of the English language (spelling and punctuation) instead of waiting around to criticise and cause trouble!!!!


Your say, have a look at what you clicked on - yes that is one of David's photographs which he has also posted (under his name) on another forum - that's why it's already on the net!!! 

And David has posted many many pictures of his sweet peas growing on this and on other sites and he is well known amongst sweet pea growers and show goers.

 Doh!! honestly!!! Look before you leap or you'll end up looking a complete plonker 

Orchid Lady

What do you 'end up'  Dove? Even as a techno-phobe I could work out this was David's 

oh gosh so sorry if i've caused a fuss...tracey and david are both right.. sorry for my lack of capitals punctuation i have a feeding baby in my arms, i usually get v huffy about that but hard with one free hand... anyway, yes i was originally going to do an experiment half sown in seed compost half in general purpose, then,surprise surprise, didn't get round to it and used all seed, then yes david you're right, i did top up as worried i'd not given enough depth then worried i'd messed up whole thing as used general purpose! anyway thankyou all for your help and feedback,tracey you baby brain can't be as bad as mine, i appreciate all your comments and am very sorry if i've caused confusion


Think we got there in the end Louise - no need to worry - enjoy baby - they're lovely at that age 


Orchid Lady

Louise, you haven't caused a fuss at all so don't worry  I wish my 15 year old was a baby again, so much easier  And don't worry about your typing, I don't normally comment on that but sometimes when WUMs start picking needs must, I hope I didn't offend you x


David - we all know you don't have to prove anything to anyone. 

Sad when people want to stir, isn't it?

Do you grow different varieties each year or do you stick with favourites? I grew Cathy last year - a cream with lovely scent, but was a little disappointed with the colour sometimes- it was a bit 'muddy'. Is there a white or cream variety you can recommend?


i agree with Fairy you dont have to prove anything David You gave advice about sweet peas for many years on the bbc forum


Your say has made 6 posts, only one of them about gardening and that one is rambling and incoherent, the others are mainly unpleasant or confused - I think that's all that needs to be said really.

Not worth bothering about - David - you reputation goes before you.  Ignore. 

david you've given me great advice already and i'm vvv new


Many thanks David  

Thought I'd live dangerously and try a couple of different varieties this year! 

I had a little scout around a few sites recently for creams/whites but reckoned you'd be able to suggest something nice.

Orchid Lady
My recommended ones are going in very soon David, I just need to get the big pots for them sorted