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Orchid Lady

I'm going to David, the plan is to do half now and half in Autumn. Thanks 

Orchid Lady

David, my sweet peas that are in the garage (the ones I posted a picture of the other day), would they be ok left outside and just taken in again if there is a risk of frost?  You are right about needing all round light and that is the only way they can get it.  It is currently averaging between 9-12c here during the day.

Malcolm Harrison

In general, sweet pea seedlings should be grown 'hard' to establish strong roots over the winter. There is no problem in bringing them outside now and putting them in a cold frame. Also the weather is going to be much milder with higher temperatures from next weekend.

Orchid Lady

It's about 10c here now, but I'm 'up North' and I don't think it will be as warm as 'down South', and I don't have a cold frame .

It's ok though, I'll go with David's advice and I'm a newbie Malcolm which is why I didn't sow them in Autumn but have some to sow this Autumn 


10 c - barely above 5 or 6 here during the day! I never sow in autumn Tracey - too much bother. I won't sow sweet peas for a while yet as it will be ages before there's any real warmth in the soil here so they'll just sit and sulk anyway. I often just sow direct later anyway and they usually catch up. We get better weather in late summer/autumn rather than spring so we get the colour at the other end of the season.

I have a little growhouse now so I might stick a few in there if I get all the other junk out of it! 


i bought a liitle pop up greenhouse especially..i just have to actually put it up! 7 seeds germinated out of 6- i know ott- after 1 week

Orchid Lady

Is that your display David?  They are beautiful 

Orchid Lady

Beautiful  My mum used to always have her sweet peas in the house in summer, not show standard like yours but the smell was amazing 


my grandad and dad grew them up to mid 60s  and displayed them in heinz salad cream bottles . then dad got the  dahlia bug

Orchid Lady

Gorgeous, pity smelly-vision hasn't been invented yet 

Orchid Lady

So when you cut sweet peas, do they produce more flowers?  As I've said before, mine have never been great so I haven't picked many but have always been wary in case I don't get more flowers  I can't remember what happened with my mum's as I was too young, I just remember the smell!