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Orchid Lady

My sweet peas are in their new 'homes' and no longer look sad 

Another question David, possibly a silly one.  I know sweet peas like to be supported, usually by trellis or net or an obelisk or something, but would they grow up a hedge (ie a privet hedge).  I was wondering whether to sow some of my seeds against the hedge, there is chicken wire at the bottom which stops the dogs getting through so something to attach to initially, but then would they entwine around the privet?  Just a thought I had whilst in the garden 



Mine haven't all germinated, but most of them have - they've gone outside into the mini-greenhouse/coldframe - they really weren't getting enough light even by the big studio window and they were becoming etiolated (love that word) and apart from that they were in danger of being painted 

Malcolm Harrison

I have a question - do you pinch out the growing tip of Dwarf Sweet Peas after two pairs of leaves have formed to promote bushiness or just leave the main stem to grow on?  Many thanks.

Orchid Lady

It's going to be trimmed at weekend David and then should be ok until Autumn, well it will have to be ok  Thank you 


Won't they cut get cut off with the hedge when it's cut?


Orchid Lady

No Lizzie because the hedge will get cut at weekend and then have to wait until Autumn  I'm still thinking about it, I just though it might save some money buying an obelisk or something! I have got some bamboo canes though so may just use them! but that's the bed where they are going anyway as it has the best soil 


Love those beds, Tracey. 

I have not yet sown all of my SPs yet, all waiting their turn in the propagator.In there, they come well up within a wk, then get chucked straight into coldframe as soon as half have poked up shoots. CF open all day. Could I put them straight outside after germination, David, as space getting tight now?

Orchid Lady
GJ, I have more to sow yet from David's recommendation but am in a dilemma where they are going to grow! but they will get sown outside and stay outside as no CF......hmm my smileys have gone again! ((Funny puzzled face))

tracey i got some nice willow beanstalks cheapish at b ad q, my main problem last year was i didn't support them well enough, used bamboo canes, they were too short and mid august they collapsed,mentioned in another thread i put them outside yesterday only half germinated, interestingly the ones in general purpose compost haven't germinated maybe i did an unintentional experiment! put in plastic storage boxes andput lids on overnight to protect from mice, though have 3 cats visit garden, hope they put them off too, i bought that mini greenhouse, can't believe haven't managed to unpack and out up, have so little time time can't get round to cutting all parcel tape and plastic off... need to prioritise so pther things come 1st..!

Ashleigh 2

Hi David, the weather here is lovely at the moment 13c day 6c at night but predicted to drop next week to 7c day and -2 night. I'm itching to direct sow some sweet peas , is it too early?

Steve 309
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

I'm always worried about sowing in the autumn, never managed broad beans. Here in Dordogne the winters are usually colder than in the UK. -10° is quite normal, and we have snow. No protection from the gulf stream! The winter we've just had has been much milder than usual and very wet.

Have you tried Aquadulce Claudia broad beans?  Specially bred for autumn sowing (outdoors) and reputedly very hardy.  They did alright in the winter before last (which was pretty cold) and extremely well  - they're now a foot high - in the one just gone, which was mild.  You might try fleece or cloches to keep the worst of the weather off if it's really cold.  Worth it for the early crop I think.


Hi David.l've decided to grow using the cordon method.l had far too many for the house last year.My seeds are about 6inches tall and have been outside in a sheltered spot for 2 weeks.Can l plant them in the ground now? The roots are growing out of the bottom of the bag.Also when do l start snipping the tendrils off.


Thanks David will go back and look at it.