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The potty gardener

Thank you very much David. Will order some then wait eagerly for their arrival so I can get them started.

Hi David

I would like to ask if I may, what your tips are for keeping young sweet peas throughout the winter months?  For example pinching out and keeping the greenfly off them, also how do you stop them from becoming leggy or is that due to the continuation of the pinching out process.

Thank you.




Hi David, despite me being further North than you, mine will get sown this coming week. If no joy, still have the early Spring option after all.

I'm having a bad year for keeping on top of things, but am the proud owner of a new, very top notch coldframe, and there is space allowed for them in there! Remind me to take OH, plus credit card, to a RHS show again! J.


I've always sown direct in the past - this year I'm trying an autumn sowing in root trainers - David, should I start them off on the kitchen windowsill untl they germinate and then put them outside in the coldframe, or will they be ok germinating out in the coldframe?

I'm growing Cupani for the scent.



I've just used up the last of my seed compost for a batch of sweetpeas! Didnt realise how much my back does ache with standing over the greenhouse staging.

I'm leaving mine in the unheated, cold, greenhouse until some germination- they have an extra, transparent cover at the mo- then out into the coldframe, minus cover, for the rest of the time.

I debated starting mine off on an inside sill, but decided that the light was better in greenhouse although colder. Will do my new packets in the Spring. J.

Thank you for your advice David.

The potty gardener

Sweet peas finally sown. Now that wait to see if they germinate



Because of the imminent frost warnings, & we did go down below freezing this week, I put the pots onto a window sill. My greenhouse is NOT frost free!

Germination just now starting, so will move them as nec into the big coldframe. J.

hi, This is my first year gardening. Started in March.

 sweet peas sown 20/10 had shoots appearing 3/11!!

I have 2 types, a bijou that is supposed to be for pots and wont need supports and a purple matucana. I grew some of the bijou this year and they got nearly 4" high! so much for not needing support. Infact one of them is still going. i'm not dead heading it anymore in the hope i get seeds.

David K , now they are sprouting, do i just leave them in my greenhouse? (small, plastic, covered in bubble wrap, not frost free)  I'm in Cheltenham and its still quite mild at the mo, only had one light frost.



3 out of 4 pots have now germinated & been popped out into a coldframe, along with some other HA seedlings.

Will do a further sowing in Feb as normal. J.