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@Tracey, the snail and toadstool, as well as the pots were from B&M all 99p each. I gather they aren't to everyone's taste, but I think they brighten things up a little, at least until I hopefully get some blooms! I highly recommend them for pots, planters, decorations and even plants, my Violas were a bargain, I believe I got 15 for £2. They aren't spectacular to viola fans I'm sure, mainly purple and blue, but I love them!

Orchid Lady

Thanks Sweetpea  Being a newbie too I tend to go for cheaper plants that I like, I have had some real bargains from Aldi and Lidl but admit to not having had anything from B&M yet. I might have to get a little toadstool 

Orchid Lady

Sorry David  (Hangs head and wonders off embarrassed at being a muppet )

tracey have you tried slug pubs? i'm collecting plastic bottlles and cutting tops off to fill with cheap beer/lager ready for planting out i'm also a bit evil and if i see a slug i pour salt on it, sorry everyone, am kind to everything except flies in the house and slugs!

ps lizzie that's how i want my garden to look! my sweet peas got to 6ft last year 1st time i grew them main problem was i didn't support high or well enough


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I've checked my SP's this morning and they are fine, no more eaten so today will put my egg shells and coffee grounds round them.  Thanks for the too Louise, it's not that nothing is working, it's just that I didn't do anything!!!  Will remedy today 


Glad you did'nt have anymore damage, probably a bit 'nippy' for Mr slug last night.

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That's what I thought too and I was right 

i know david, i wouldn't put it on a plant just a yukky slug!!

ah ok to be honest i usually do it to them on path that's where i seem to find them , and only if i have time to run inside and grab the salt,to be honest i probably only murdered 4or5 last year!


Quicker to stamp on them! I'm afraid I used slug pellets when I planted out my sweet peas. Too precious to risk. The birds don't like them when dead from slug pellets and don't have a hedgehog in the veggie garden.

Orchid Lady

Uurrrghhhh Lizzie, stamp on them?? The noise/squelch would make me sick, but good for weight loss LOL 

what to do? have prepared 1 site, halfway to other -had to dig up large clump of crocosmia- itching to plant out, plastic bottle bottoms ready... v cold frosts forecast.. david shall i leave tops on boxes up a couple of nights before planting in beds?

I have sown a few different sweet peas.

sir jimmy shand,

castle of mey, 

flying the flag

and some seeds I collected from last year.

Not all have germinated. I mostly put three seeds to a pot. But I'm happy with what's there apart from one variety.

Flying the Flag has germinated. They were all bought at the same time and stored the same way and sowed at the same time.

I'm a novice at this gardening game. Is there still time for the seed to germinate? 


sorry david we're all scared of frost ! funnily enough heather, i planted blue velvet, painted lady, spencer mix, albutt blue and incense mix, only 3 incense mix have germinated



Its that time of year, my autumn sown sweet peas are ready to go in at the end of my bean trench. Helps attract the bees and they look fantastic.

They're nicely hardened off but the wind is a bit harsh at the moment so will probably wait till the weekend now.