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Thanks David, I will do that in the morning. 

Orchid Lady

Hello all  David, you are VERY  patient! However in Rosemummy's defence, most seedlings would get killed by frost with the minority not doing and I must admit to being a bit anxious too.  However, mine have been planted out for a week or so now and we have had 3 nights of frost, and they are doing really it goes to show David is right (which we knew all along, it was ourselves we were doubting!!).

They will be fine Louise (sorry - Rose ).

thanks david and orchid lady! it's when one is a novice that cinofidence is low  david i have been leaving lids on overnight, more to keep slugs away as haven't had time to prepare deterrants they'll go in at weekend if i'm allowed a couple of hours, i do hope i've cleared 2nd site eonough dug up big lump of crocosmia and some daisy type flowers that flowered august overtaken large area ended up on my bum a few times roots are ling and deep hope i've got enough out to allow sps to flower properly

Orchid Lady

 A few of my sweet peas, coming along nicely on the veg patch, I have them all round this 'quarter'.  I will be putting some netting up next weekend for them 


Just twigged that OL is you, Tracey! I would have put my netting up first. I did like you a couple of yrs ago, then trod on some when the dog barked beside me and gave me a fright! Most recovered eventually, but I was so mad!

I have done two batches (didn't get time to do all at once), in deep paper pots. I germinated the first batch on heated prop at end of feb, then slung them straight into cold frame. Wide open in day, then partly open at night as the wind tried to wreck the top a couple of times! They are now nearly ready to pinch out. Last batch I did last wk in cold conservatory, as no room left in prop. They are slower in showing me any shoots, but I'm sure they will soon. All going out as soon as tall enough. Thinking of taking the first lot out of the frame tomorrow, as need the space. 

Incidentally, I have some spare fuchsias in the frame too, that weren't so great last year, but showed some better growth later on. I put them in the frame over winter (the better ones got mollycoddled in the GH), and although supposed to be tender ones, they are just as happy as the SP's and, caulis and young strawberries. They have thrived from neglect, so perhaps we spoil too many of our plants? I have also moved my toms into the GH this wk, and they seem to be doing fine with a propagator top on at night. (the GH is bubble-wrapped)

So, David, I am treating most of my plants meaner this yr. I think many can stand more cold than we are led to believe, provided kept dry and out of nasty cold winds.


Orchid Lady

Hi Jeannie, sorry I'm confusing everyone, I did put a thread on saying 

My netting will just get staple to the fencing so should be ok....I hope, and the hounds aren't allowed on the veg patch, they will just sit on the other side if the fence looking at me 

that's nice david, always nice to know you're are!! def planting out this weekend want sites well prepared,  got bean sticks,grit and slug pubsready, love the pistachio nut tip, will get some and scoff them asap!

David K wrote (see)

Bless you, sweet is that?

You've added a ickle twig-stake to each of your plants and even tied that's dedication.  When I suggested twiggy bits, I thinking of *bushy twiggy bits. However, it has to be said that they're looking much better than when they were in the garage. 

*Silver birch are good.

Thinking about it, this coddling (as I call it) seems to be a woman maternal thing.

Not if the woman grew up on a farm where field peas were drilled in the autumn and rolled with a heavy roller as soon as they had three sets of leaves (equivalent of pinching out) and then left to withstand the worst that the winter and the woodpigeons could throw at them - I know peas are tough 


Orchid Lady

No, they are tied David, I consciously didn't tie them in case they thought they were being mollycoddled too much  They were all the twiggy bits I could find, next year I will go hunting for bigger twiggy bits when people are chopping tress/bushes etc.

I have just put coffee grounds and egg shells round them all too, they've got to have their breakfast 

They are looking better and you may able to just see the new shoots at the bottom 


I can't be doing with stuff that needs coddled and sweet peas are perfect because they are so easy. Slugs and snails are always a problem here but get the birds in and they solve that issue most of the time.   That's why I don't grow loads of perennials either, unless they're tough. Might as well put a sign up and an arrow - free dinner here...

I don't really have enough time for fussy plants of any kind in my garden. If they don't grow - they go. 

I have a couple of questions on my sweet peas. This seems to be the place to ask!

I've sowed them in a staggered manner in loo rolls indoors and they've done alright. They were a bit leggy, but that improved since I put some lights over them. (I don't have anything like a windowsill). So, my questions:

1) I planted the first plant outside already, at an age of around a month, and we did have a couple of light frosts afterwards (though not the first few nights after they were in). And while it looks alive, it hasn't really grown since and some of the lower leaves look a bit grey.

2) I've been pinching out after the fourth set of leaves, taking them back to two sets of leaves, but I don't seem to get any branching as yet. Conversely, some of my peas which I'm growing in a similar way, are branching away merrily though I didn't pinch them out.

I'd be really grateful for any advice!



Orchid Lady

Hi Owen, there is some really useful info on this thread and David is great at helping us and being patient!  

Sweet peas are fine with frost, David has told us this many times so I can answer that question.......they don't like being 'coddled' as David frequently tells myself and other mums on here who like to protect and nurture (he thinks it's a woman thing!! )

As for the leaves thing, I pinched mine out a couple of weeks ago as they had gone very leggy and they have been outside since, they are just starting it get leaf buds at the bottom now, I posted a picture further up last night and on the plant in the corner you can just seen them.  I think I pinched mine out lower down though, after the second set of leaves maybe?

So I wouldn't worry, but no doubt David will be around later to tell you more as he is the expert 

Brilliant thank you Orchid Lady.

So I probably just need to be patient and they will be alright.

Last year I started too late and they never flowered, so hopefully will do a little better this year. Every year one less thing dies on me. 

Orchid Lady

Probably about right Owen yes, if it's any different I'm sure David will advise.