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Mine are the same, hardly done anything in the couple of weeks that they've been in the ground. It is a bit worrying. The peas are doing much more growing.

thanks david a couple look nibbled but ok


Thanks david I will get them planted this week then

Steve 309

Pinched mine (Old-Fashioned Mix) out in the cold frame yesterday; will be planting out on Friday.  Must get more canes......

Orchid Lady

I have sown some of my 'good' seeds today, I have 6 x 8ft canes in a 'wigwam' and have used 3 colours, cream, pale pink and crimson, 2 canes of each.  It took me ages to decide which colours to use  Fingers crossed they come up ok and my stupid hounds don't wreck them, seen as Daisy already thinks she can hide behind a cane and Ollie can't see her!!!!

I am saving the rest of the seeds now for autumn sowing (I think??) 

I have also given the ones already planted a bit of TLC, put up canes and attached them to it, then gave them a good watering as the soil was like dust!!!  I was surprised how much they had grown and bushed out a bit.  I'm leaving them to do their thing molycoddling here 


Orchid Lady

TLC.....for sweet peas.....but my expert teacher said no TLC.  This must be someone else in disguise telling me to change my sweet pea care habits 

Can anyone please post a pic of a tiny sp seedling? I know where I've planted them but don't want my garden helpers to get a bit keen on the 'weeding'. Tia.
Orchid Lady

It's funny but all the advice I have asked for and yet sweet pea seedlings are probably the only seedling I would recognise......I suppose I have my mum it thank for that 


I've followed all the advice and I used to grow sweet peas in the UK, even won a prize in the village show for my bowl of sweet peas, but here in SW France they just won't grow. Only about a third of my first sowing germinated, about 2 of my second sowing. Now the sickly seedlings have been planted outside for at least 3 weeks and have made hardly any growth. Why? I haven't grown them for a few years because I've had this problem here before. But I thought I'd give it another go. Never had any problems in England. Also, I never see them growing here in anyone else's garden. I bought my seeds in the UK.


I have planted my sweet peas out but had a few more than I thought as spares I have 15 round the base of an obelisk is this too many? I made the obelisk out of bamboo and the base is probably 2 foot wide. Last year I think I at most had 10 round the base,

Orchid Lady

David, quick question, how long should the ones I have sown outside this week take to germinate?



thanks for the reply they are about 4 inches apart should I thin them out a little.

Orchid Lady

Thanks David, wasn't sure if it would be different with them being outside 


Thanks for the reply david I will leave them as they are.