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Orchid Lady

I tried to PM but it seems they aren't working again, no message box to write in!!!

Thank you David, that's very kind of you. He seems like a truly lovely and genuine man, as do a lot of people on here.  I hate that s*** that is the C word seems to happen to some of the nicest people in life, although sometimes I probably wear my heart on my sleeve too much  I hope my marriage can be as long and happy as Mike's was and he knows that because I've told him 

I think for some it is more than a message board and genuine friendships form 

Thanks for the seedling pic David, there's definitely nothing like that in the vicinity yet! My dandelion flower - obsessed baby is a great help with weeding not had one gone to seed yet!

Just thinking about getting gear together ready for autumn sowings, would one of the mini greenhouse type things be ok for overwintering/germination. The type that has shelves in a frame covered with plastic? Thanks.

Hi all question really for David,I wonder if I pinched out my sp,s too early? Should I pinch out any that look like they nedd to bush out again even if I,ve already done so? 


Orchid Lady

On humans it seems to work the opposite David and despite leaving the growing tip in place, I still seem to get wider at the side  I need to move my auxins from the side tips somehow LOL 

Teehee o.l that,s so funny!! No David,you stay where you are and keep being helpful please!!that,s v interesting,I,m really not v. Well today, months of no decent sleep have made a cold totally floor me,vzombified today so in a couple of days I,ll go out and look,  hope those flipping slugs don,t get stuck in while I,m not. Looking

Orchid Lady

I can totally empathise with you Louise, been there twice, on one occasion both boys got chickenpox when the youngest was only 3 weeks old.  No help from anyone only OH, luckily I didn't get them or shingles but I did end up quite ill  Big hugs and hope you feel better very soon xxx PS I'm sure you're SP's will be fine so don't worry (if I lived closer I would come and check them for you) 

Thank you, baby says 'booof' - make of that what you will!

My sweet peas have been in the ground now for some weeks, but still not much is happening. They grew ok indoors, but now they just sit there. If anything, it looks to me as though the growing tips may be dying off, although the side shoots are looking a little more promising. They're all around three or four inches tall. I grew them in loo rolls and pinched them out to two sets of leaves. The ground is fairly moist, so I don't think they're thirsty, and the peas that I'm growing on the same support are doing much better.

I am wondering what I've done wrong, and if there's anything I can do to fix it. Perhaps pinch out the sad looking top growth to encourage the side shoots further? 

Thank you!


David, in building my support for the peas, do I need horizontals as well as verticals for them to climb up?


I'll be honest David, I'm not sure! I'm thinking wigwam but the sticks may prefer to go outward as the pot has sloping sides, so the top is wider than the base. It depends how secure they are in wigwam shape.