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Will do  Thanks David, helpful as always 

Thanks David! I'll try to be patient. Not my forte!

I have the tiniest little 2 leaved thing growing in roughly the right area to possibly be a sp. Only 7 days in ground but maybe! Time for slug solution to be deployed?
Alas, my thing does not look like them. Thanks for the pic tho, now I know what I am looking for. Day 8 today and a nice gentle rain so that might spur them into action!

Visited Wisley today, they have sweet peas in full flower in the large glass house. OL would have loved it as they have an orchid display at the moment too.


Orchid Lady

Aww, everyone is thinking of me when they see orchids LOL  I might have to pay Wisely a visit, will google where it is.


OL its a bit of a trot from you in the North West as its in Surrey, luckily for me its only a 30 min drive.


Orchid Lady

Thanks Scroggin, I googled  Let's just hope the ones 'up North' are as posh with their Orchids when I eventually get round to visiting one 

Hi there this will be my first time trying to grow sugar snap peas, my stems are around 5/6 inches tall and are being grown in pots, in the last week have noticed some of the leaves have turned white and look limp what am I doing wrong

hi all, david, my sweet peas are looking ok but i haven't tied them into their supports or anything yet, i'm worried they may be too far away from canes-3or 4 inches,is this too far? should i tie them in?

Orchid Lady

I watched the first Allotment Challenge the other day and wondered if you had watched it David, what did you think of the Sweet Peas and the advice?  I didn't see it right to the end though so no-one tell me who goes 

Just sown my first sweet peas. Soaked the seeds overnight (read that somewhere) and put them in fibre pots with coir pellets in the base (worried about soli quality when I plant out).  what im worried about is them getting too hot/dry. They are in a cool-ish store room with a window and i plan to set them in the afternoon sun daily. they are well watered. Any tips? 

OL I watched last week they said frost damaged them and i just thought of David! got next episode on planner for next nap  time think they're doing rose, hoping to pick up tips!