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Orchid Lady

I watched the first Allotment Challenge the other day and wondered if you had watched it David, what did you think of the Sweet Peas and the advice?  I didn't see it right to the end though so no-one tell me who goes 

Just sown my first sweet peas. Soaked the seeds overnight (read that somewhere) and put them in fibre pots with coir pellets in the base (worried about soli quality when I plant out).  what im worried about is them getting too hot/dry. They are in a cool-ish store room with a window and i plan to set them in the afternoon sun daily. they are well watered. Any tips? 

OL I watched last week they said frost damaged them and i just thought of David! got next episode on planner for next nap  time think they're doing rose, hoping to pick up tips!

Orchid Lady

Ok  David, I'll catch up.  I think I stopped reading that as I hadn't watched it and didn't want to read any spoilers 

Whoop I have seedlings- roughly a 50% germination rate at the moment, with one variety noticeably fewer. Slug traps deployed and support strings in place.



My sweet peas are, at last, starting to grow.

Regarding the hot climate question…. didn't I read somewhere that they are native to Sicily?

mine lookj like all survived early slug onslaught, just tied loosely in, all about 5 ins tall, just waiting now...


The average temperature in Sicily in Jan and Feb is 13° and July and Aug is 29°, so perhaps they grow earlier in the year.

Orchid Lady

The ones I grew indoors and planted out are doing great now, have lost a couple but on the whole they are growing really well.

However, the ones I have sown direct are only just peeping through and I don't think they will all germinate  Will they catch up, they seem so tiny I can't ever imagine them being big??

Wow, that's really something. Congratulations.
Orchid Lady

Fantastic achievement David and one to be truly proud of, I hope my buds appear soon too 

In all seriousness I think it is an achievement well deserved, if only for all the advice you've given us on here.  What will it be called - David? Or Mr Snail?