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Ps delay in response as I was back-scrolling to find your advice on pinching out (p24 if anyone else thinking 'is it time yet') before I asked!

David that is absolutely fantastic how exciting please do keep us up to date, by the way after seeing one of your pics, i got 'gwendoline' seeds.i planted them a month later than others, they germinated quickly, i didn't harden off poroperly just left outside, planted in ground and you can't tell the difference at the moment,i have planted 3 plants in a 3 foot tall pot, it had no drainage holes so i wedged a normal pot in about a foot from the bottom, filled with compost and planted,with all this rain though i think i' d better get some holes in the bottom,it's not heavy so it could be tilted over and held while this is done rather than emptying it... i hope!


How lovely - and well-deserved David   Have you any idea of the colour you will be?


What  a lovely honour to receive David 

Dove - I reckon David's flower will be like him - rich, sumptuous, mysterious and perhaps.....frilly...


I know I'm banned from here after my comment about SP's  but have to say you deserve it David.

I think the sweet pea will be red & white


Orchid Lady

My little Eagle Sp's (I can't remember which ones but have sown 3 varieties around 6 canes,  3 different colours to compliment each other) have almost all germinated, I think the ones that haven't may have been disturbed (flaming hounds!!!!).  They are now growing nicely and with the warm weather today and big rain shower we have just had they should be shooting up in no time 

I forgot to ask for my discount but will remember next time 


Everything is so early this year, my sweet peas are in bud already and a couple are about to break so by the end of the week I will have my first blooms of the year.

Thats 3 weeks earlier than last year after the cold spring we had then.

Orchid Lady

That's a good plan, thank you David 

wow scroggin, when did you plant? i planted mine early march all look ok but definitely no buds yet


Rosemummy,they were autumn sown, overwintered in a cold frame and I planted them out on 27th March, they are about 3ft up the canes, I grow mine at the end of my runner bean trench so have incorporated loads of manure.

Early on in the season I sometimes get a bit of bud drop, I think this is due to the swing in temperatures we get, this year there is a bit too but I have about 6 blooms now about to break out and loads of buds following on.

As David K has said the autumn ones flower early but finish early too, normally mine are past their best by the end of August. I dont grow for exhibition but I do remove some of the sideshoots as they can get very unruly otherwise.

My seeds are from Matthewmans, like Eagle they are quality growers and have never let me down.

Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice on sweet peas. I am growing them for a forthcoming wedding (6 weeks time) but they are peeking too early. They are in a polytunnel on frames and are hitting 6 foot tall, all flowers have been removed as they form but I think they will run out of growth long before they are needed. I'm tempted to cut a foot of the top and let them form new side shoots does anyone know whether this would work and if the resulting flowers would be any use ie not all short stemmed and piddly. Grateful for any help with this one.


David will be along to help you Clive! He's grown them to show standard so he'll know what to advise. 


Orchid Lady

Glad you managed to post it on this thread Clive, I'm sure David will know the answer as I said on your OP 

Thanks David will hope for the best although not too sure what will happen when they run out of frame. Will definitely try an autumn sowing using some seed from your suppliers for next year. I grow sweet peas every year but outside, the tunnel has been a new experience. It's been interesting reading how you get the show standard results and will look forward to next year.