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I love that one, so pretty.

My sweet peas have at last started to grow properly  Sowed them in Feb, only a third germinated, when I planted them out they seemed static for ages.

Funny, this thread didn't come up in my email notifications, so missed 2 or 3 pages, just read back.


This is only my second year at growing Sweet Peas, I had a go last year and was really pleased with the results. I forgot how big the plants grow when I planted these plugs. David, may I ask do you think I should take some out?  Or will they be fine and grow to over 5ft?


Ah, a tangled mess, yes I know all about a tangled mess I had one last year - probably why they only got to just over 5ft. Although I didn't mind too much as they were all white and looked lovely. But I've been adventurous this year and gone for a variety of pinks and blues.    

What's the best way to avoid tangled mess? The irony is that I have perfectly straight and regimented SPs in a pot where I placed twigs as a frame and left them to their own devices. Where as those in the ground I've been trying to push them up, round and through netting in an effort to support...Oh no, what a wally, that's what their tendrils are for!  *Facepalming at my own stupidity*  

this is really a question for David but any replies welcome, some of my sweet peas have a few shoots per plant, on Beechgrove earlier the chap was snipping shoots off, but I'm not sure if they were using cordon method, should I be cutting out any shoots that are weaker, just read about tangled mess, don't want to end up with that, I planted 3 plants per cane

I've planted 3 per cane too but not all germinated. Think I've only got 2 or 3 canes with 3 plants. Nipped the tips a week or so ago so I'm just waiting for them to set off at a rate of knots. Are my plants safe from slugs now? Thanks.


mine are still nibbled and some of weaker shoots damaged but i think that's all they can do now

Orchid Lady

Mine seem safe now, I hope I'm not tempting fate and find them destructed in the morning!! 

Orchid Lady

Not for long David, autumn sowing time will be here before you know it, just enjoy the rest for now 

oh i don't think so David, i'll find something to ask you very soon i'm sure, can't have you slacking!!


Wake-up David! My sweet peas are 2 feet tall, how long before they flower? We are away 2 weeks in mid-June. What shall I tell the house-sitter?

no!!!! we like to know you're here!!