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Orchid Lady

Snooze and you lose don't want to miss all our lovely pictures to thank you for your efforts do you?? 


Very impressed with the service from Eagle Sweet Peas. I could'nt resist ordering my seeds for this years autumn sowing, I ordered online on Tues and they arrived in the post this morning.

I decided on the 'Staffordshire Collection', I am hopeless at picking colour combos, so this seemed the perfect solution

Lovely to have sweet peas decorating the windowsill once more.


Bumped this back up for latest ? about flowers dropping off.



Another thread - poster has probs with buds dropping off his sweet peas. Can you help?

Should have said - it's called 'Sweet pea heads dropping off' and poster has looked on this thread to try and find a solution.

KEF and me are too thick to know what to do....


Fairy totally agree. My peas are for the steamer.  Gosh guess I'm banned again


Orchid Lady

My Sweetpeas have flower buds on them....quite a few...and they will probably be open tomorrow when I get home  Muchly excited is Tracey 

One of them has also come through the picket fence and got friendly with my Geum and has wrapped itself around the stems 



My first picking of Sweet Peas!


David we're only half an hour from bake well, it's a lovely town isn' t it? Don' t think my sp's got any buds yet, lots nice and tall, all strong looking, think I did plant too many but didn't t expect them all to make it.. 

as i've just pm'd to o.l i must go to bed but had to have a quick catch up, i love jall jane austen books, and the brontes , david i always think pemberley was inspired by chatsworth, i love it there

Orchid Lady

I've not been to Chatsworth but heard that Jane Austin had based one or maybe more books on it but wasn't sure which one(s).

Joanna Trollope has released a modern version of Sense and Sensibility....hmmmm, not sure about that one