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You see David, told you you need to move to Sheffield, I' d happily give that lot a home!

Orchid Lady

Thank you for the compliment by the way David, I have had a couple of bendy stems though 

Orchid Lady

((Blushing))  I didn't realise you'd seen them David.

Anyway, tendrils, I had actually worked that out (aren't I clever LOL) because every one that I've cut off that was bendy had a tendril attached  I'm learning......but I didn't think to remove them 


Orchid Lady

 Some of mine from the other day, I'm going out to pick some more now 



Mine are well away now. Here's today's bunch.



I picked these today plus 2 vases for my mum


Finally, this week, mine started to flower. I'm so relieved. I thought they'd never work out for me. Bit disappointed that they're almost all white. I'll try a different supplier next year I think!

Orchid Lady

Today's pickings......

 And my sweet peas after the picking and a little trim.....I quite like the 'shabby chic' look but have found they are very friendly and are wrapping themselves around the other plants so have had to trim them slightly 

 These are my 'Eagle' sweet peas, not very big or flowering yet but sown quite late.

 They have 12' canes so won't be quite so shabby chic