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Orchid Lady

I am cutting them tomorrow David, most of them have come out yesterday/today, I cut a load on Saturday, couldn't throw them in the compost heap, I'll just fill the house with sweet peas  

I had 5 or 6 vases of them most of last summer and still gave loads to mum and dad and friends, 4 flowers out one, they smell amazing!

Orchid Lady

Gosh, that's loads David.  None have gone to seed, I've checked don't worry (I've been taught well ) I will go out first thing and pick some and give some to my neighbours if I need to 

You see David, told you you need to move to Sheffield, I' d happily give that lot a home!


Orchid Lady

Thank you for the compliment by the way David, I have had a couple of bendy stems though 

Orchid Lady

((Blushing))  I didn't realise you'd seen them David.

Anyway, tendrils, I had actually worked that out (aren't I clever LOL) because every one that I've cut off that was bendy had a tendril attached  I'm learning......but I didn't think to remove them 

Orchid Lady

 Some of mine from the other day, I'm going out to pick some more now 



Mine are well away now. Here's today's bunch.