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Orchid Lady

Until October David.....I've never done Autumn sowings before, but I'll let you enjoy the summer first 

Steve 309

Great photos.  We need smell-o-net!

Mine are flowering now and I'm cutting twice-weekly for the office.  I usually put some runner beans and nasturtiums in there too.  Definitely going to sow some in the autumn to get them better-established for next year.


Took a bunch of my sweet peas to my Aged Ps in their Res. Home this morning - they used to be one of Ma's favourites but she's a bit confused about things now, but the scent certainly reminded her of some things.  

Pa was very chuffed with them and thought I was very clever.  He loved the colours and the scent and has them in a vase by the reclining chair where he spends most of his time.  

I thought autumn showings might be a bit of a faff for me but I may try as only got a few flowers and we're into July, but disappointed so far, ones in back garden ok, looks like quite a few more buds, ones in front got shaded out by geraniums and eaten by the snails I didn't t manage to murder, wI'll stick to back garden next year

Orchid Lady

I'm going to do both David, but my spring sown ones have been flowering for over a month now, the later ones haven't though Rosemummy so you're not on your own.


just worried i'd have to be constantly on the lookout for extra months for mice slugs snails...would i put them in greenhouse?

Orchid Lady

I am going to put mine in the GH RM.

By the way, just said on Forkers I'd bit seen you.....didn't realise you were hiding with the sweet peas 

i'd love to hide in the sweet peas!

Orchid Lady

LOL RM, me too sometimes.....and not just for the smell 

Hi all GW noob is here. Myself and my fiancée have been building up some sort of order in this our first year of gardening in out first home. 

Sweet peas on the agenda - check


What you think



Great,Shaun.don't forget to pick them.  The more you pick, the more you get.

Thanks guys. David sorry for being so "green" which parts are the tendrils 

Awesome many thanks. I'm going to cut some flowers off tomorrow to use as cuts for the house. And hopefully they will grow back stronger and faster...

 I do have but haven't placed 4x 12ft willow pieces to use as supports. 


Orchid Lady

Hi Shaun, David is our Sweet Pea expert and this year I have the best sweet peas I have ever had though following his tips, however I haven't got big enough supports and haven't snipped the tendrils but I have been cutting them A LOT and every morning I seem to get a load more.  I call them my 'shabby chic' sweet peas 

 They are on the edge of my veg patch (to attract bees) and of course I would in no way encourage this totally  unprofessional look 

Here's some I picked