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Orchid Lady

Of course you've been complimented David,mi said I'd git the best sweet peas ever through following your tips  In the past they have been half the size and nowhere near as many flowers  The reason for the supports not being big enough is I didn't realise they would grow so big and it's too late now as I can't get them in.  My other later sown ones have big supports though and I'll cut their tendrils because they are special ones  In fact, I think I might have a flower, going to check now 


The really strong winds and heavy rain we've had over the last few days have bashed my sweet peas about a bit   There's lots more flowers to cut, but I think I may have seen the last of the long straight stems for a bit 

Orchid Lady

 My first EagLe Sweet Pea flower, I think it's Banty.


Orchid Lady

Who has said you are 90 David.....I'll batter them with my bendy sweet peas 

Orchid Lady

These ones are going to my 'show' Sweet peas Dabid, I'm going to look after them very shabby chic for these babies 


Orchid Lady

Ha ha David, my show only, nowhere near good enough for anything else!

I need some advice on the tendril thing, do I cut them all off or just the ones that are wrapping around flower stems?


Bought a 10 pack of seeds from Eagles at HC this week - didn't realise they were the bees knees

Any tips on how to tackle a greenfly infestation on sweetpea flowers?? I have moved one of the bird feeders over in the hope that the bluetits will find them, but there are a lot there

Evidently I'm about a month behind some, but I HAVE A FLOWER!!!! *does little celebration wiggle* Lots of lessons learned from my spring-sown trial ahead of my autumn-sown wedding crop for next year but I'm really pleased with myself. Thanks all, but esp David for advice- am standing by for autumn instructions!
Orchid Lady

I think that's David resting rather than being bored 

Orchid Lady

It's a good job I knew what you meant and aren't easily offended  I'll wake you in Autumn don't worry, you go and hibernate until then 

Just one question before you go.....the seeds that will eventually come from my Eagle SPs, should I keep them and use them next year or am I better buying new?

Hehe, thanks for translating OL, I thought my news was interesting anyway! David before you hibernate could you advise a shopping list so I can be ready for the off come autumn? Thank you. Enjoy the footy. Ooh and can seeds be used after they've been thru the wash and tumble drier in your jacket pocket? :/