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I'm disappointed with mine this year, I think I may have planted too many? Unsure, i seem to have loads of white flowers, only planted 1 whitish variety( albutt blue ) and 2 mixes, also painted lady and blue velvet oh and Gwendoline, thanks David for recommending that one, it's in a very tall pot and is lovely

Ah David, maybe I have ridiculous expectations, my garden is tiny and I only have a tiny bed for them, last year was the first yesr I grew them and was pleasantly surprised they did so well, maybe as we're up nitro they're taking a bit of getting going... I' m still a very new gardener so hope disolay improves each year, I will try to do autumn as well as spring showings for next year


I have most of my sweet peas with 4 flowers on, can you get 5 with a bit more tlc





Lovely pics. I didn't bother with SPs this year, but now wish I had!


David is Late Spencer the strain of seeds


help,a few of my sp's are drooping as if dying! why have all the stronger coloured ones vanished, still getting only white and pale blooms...

Hi David - I mean the very top of the plant, where the tendrils first form between a pair of leaves. Might not be much clearer .   Basically I was just wondering if people ever have a problem with them getting too tall and what they do about it.

Just read that back - I meant to stop the SPs getting too tall, not people themselves.

thanks david, i have fed once a weekish, lower leaves are beige and snail eaten.. this won't help i know, re tomato feed strength, i pout a capful in a 6 litre watering can, the label fell off the bottle so i don't know what strenghth it recommended!