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Thanks for the recommendation David.  Ive ordered a packet of seeds.  They provide some good cultivation information too, so fingers crossed I'll have more success this year.


Yes it was Eagle, I went for the Chelsea collection just my kind of colours. Hope the perfume is good.


Well its probably more seed than I need but the colours are perfect.

Orchid Lady

Oh Yvie, I wish I'd know, I am posting my spare seeds tomorrow and I have some eagle seeds, I bought far more than I need 


Never mind OL, Ive ordered now, but thanks for the offer.  Maybe next year we can pool resources and share a packet.  They are expensive but I'm hoping for good things. Which variety did you go for.


Victoria Sponge

I sowed a packet of Help for Heroes s.p's this year which were use by 6/11 and more than half germinated. Only got blues and whites though, the reds must be the weak ones

Hello everyone, I am quite new to gardening and managed to grow a good display of sweet peas from a tray of little plants, I was thrilled. However I would like to know what depth of pot should I use as I don't have a border


Hi Folks,  Seeds arrived from Eagle today, that was quick, good service.


How long do sweet peas actually flower for? Mine started flowering early June (sown in Feb), flowered like mad all July then leaves started going brown in August. Is that normal or could it be that we went away end of July and my daughter forgot to pick or water them? Sorry if you've already said, but this thread is so long now it's not easy to find past information.


Mine finished early this year Busy, but after reading back on this site I can understand why.  They need lots of feeding and regular watering.  The water shouldnt be cold from the hose but room temperature (if you get my meaning and preferably rain water).  I was giving mine plenty of water but it was cold and straight from the hose. I also planted mine too close together.  I'm sure someone will come on here and give a time but I planted mine earlier this year so I suppose that would have an impact.