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cairnsie wrote (see)

My Sweet Peas look like they are dying. I took them in during the cold -6 weather for a week and half. They looked tatty prior to coming in but now look worse. They have been growing since october should i bin them and start again? They have lost leaves at the bottom and dont look as green anymore.


id be happy with them too be honest


The roots are pretty extensive and well developed but the are loosing there leaves ill cut them back if all else fails i will replant in march.

hollie hock

Sweet peas are known for their deep root systems, if you cut back to the nearest shoots, you will get bushier plants in the long run. Sweet peas have a vrey long window of sowing.

David. My sweet pea, sown Sept/Oct time and in an unheated GH, are doing really well. This is the mildest winter in the last three though. The tops have been nipped off some, as they've continued to grow over winter, but the stems are bulking out and the plants survived being nipped off.  Watered them this weekend from the bottom as the compost was getting dry even though we are expecting frost this coming week and their pots may freeze they needed some water.

Ooh lovely David, I hope mine do as well. I will put two per pot with the next lot it seems to work better than one.

Does anyone know if it's worthwhile making a trench for SP's and filling it with kitchen peelings etc as you would for a bean trench?




Very nice David. I haven't as many but they are about the same...makes a mental note about watering...

Before you start nipping folks, what do you make of this from the Black Country Society (

'If you plant the seed in a pot of good compost beginning of February, water well, cover with cling film keeping them at 60/65F., then when the plant has produced  six full leafs, cut them back so as to leave four leaves on the original plant, the piece you have cut off is extremely valuable since it contains the leader cell growth, in affect stem cells, dip this in hormone powder, and stand in a jar of water the hormone powder will stimulate growth to the extent that it will have a stronger root complex than the original plant, you do not have to use water you can plant direct into compost but you will not have the benefit of watching the root growth which takes 10 days, no other part of the Sweet Pea will allow cuttings. The most important thing is you must water the leafs every day until the roots appear'


I am still Confused as to where exactly to nip them . It sounds like it must be precise or I will ruin all my efforts. Debra

I think you just nip out the growing tip Debra but wait until you have six sets of leaves.



Something to try then David. Thanks for checking it out.


Miss Becks

David, have you got a picture of what your sweet peas look like now? I know you posted that picture earlier for guidance, but that is the picture you posted last year on page 2 of the thread. Would love to see this years now.

Miss Becks

No worries. Mine are skinnier than that. Was hoping yours this year might look the same due to weather, but you say not. Ah well, at least they've come through. There's time yet!

Thank you David now Ive got it.I gather you have  all planted your sweet peas.I had better get going then ,wish me luck. I bought  more sweet pea seeds yesterday , a beautiful white with tips of lilac Should I plant them in a seed starter mix or compost. I am starting indoors then putting in the a cold frame then the garden.Thanks so much Debra

Thanks so much that was very nice of you .I will post pics once they get going Debra