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gardeningfantic when I read your post saying you were going to contact gardeners world direct I did just that. I told them about the 2 generic replies I recieved from Mr F and gave the case numbers assigned.

I too heard right back from GW who had gotten in touch with Mr. F and also from Mr Fothergills who said they were sending a new batch of tulips.

It'll be interesting to see if the new tulips arrive in good time and are'nt mouldy. Great to get such a positive response from Gardeners World.

Green Magpie

Welll, I tried to order these bulbs on 29 Oct and found the webiste charged me £5.60 for the bulbs pllus £4.95 for postage, which is not what the offer on the website says. I e-mailed them, and have had only an acknowledgement so far. But reading these accounts of mouldy bulbs makes me think perhaps I'm well out of it!


I ordered these. You put the code in at the checkout and the postage is taken off. They arrived last Saturday with a £5 voucher off any other purchase before the end of the year. My bulbs were fine and were planted over the weekend.

It's good to hear that some of the bulbs arrived and were healthy. Hopefully the ones they're sending to replace mine will be healthy too. It was a good offer and I got the £5 voucher as well.


Well i do hope mine will be better also this time round.. but i didnt get a £5.00 voucher.. so feeling little left out


Oh dear, perhaps you'll get one this time gardeningfantic.

The potty gardener

My bulbs came this week. The bulbs seem fine to me. No voucher though

My replacement bulbs arrived today. Although they had run out of the advertised ones I'm happy enough with the healthy looking replacement ones. I just have to get them planted now.

I have to give credit for this to the lovely lady at GWmagazine who has kept in touch with me throughout and promptly answered any emails I sent. After 2 emails to Mr. F and nothing being done, they got right on the case after contact from her.



mine also arrived.. and i got 4 free but different ones.. actually all pinks and reds.. so happy with that.. as suit my colour scheme.. no voucher again thou.

yes the lady at gardens world was super.. once she got involved i got a fast reply from mr fothergills.. so well done and great work.


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