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Lavender Lady

I too am a huge fan of Carol Klein, have just watched the clip, thank you David, really enjoyed it.  I must say I love her enthusiasm and passion she exudes - she was a lot more reserved in the clip.  Good old Geoff Hamilton, another of my favourites he was one of the best presenters and he always reminded me of my dad.  I am enjoying this series of GW though and getting used to Monty Don. 

Thanks again David for posting the clip


Lovely to see the younger Carol Klein, rather more subdued than now, I think I prefer the more mature Carol. In the clip she seemed in awe of Geoff, but then so would I have been, but I think he was the sort of man who would make you feel at ease.

Long may she be on GW, she makes the programme for me with her expertise and enthusiasm.

Have any of you visited Barnsdale, Geoff's garden? We went a number of years ago. It was interesting to see all the projects he did, very nostalgic, you could almost expect him to be working in the garden.

Thanks David K for the clip.


David, what a find. As others have said, lovely to see Geoff Hamilton too.

I'm a huge Carol fan. I also love her taste in plants.

I love Carol a real plants woman who knows her stuff. I am sure she was on ITV before the BBC as I have memory of her in Birmingham or Manchester either the parks or allotments the programme was about vegetables.
The difference at Glebe Cottage then and now is quite dramatic, the bushes in the clip now mature trees and the lawn has vanished, less crowded back then you cannot move for pots these days. I cannot argue with that, as you get older pots are much easier to work on and the garden can be changed by adding or removing pots in bloom.
Thanks David, nice to see Geof again too.




Carol is my favourite to. She didn't seem too comfortable in the clip, and a bit camera shy. Not like she is now. I love her exuberance and simple way of explaining things. Loved her series and wish she would do another. Thanks David.

Lavender Lady

Enjoyed the pics David.  I think i will have to take a trip the Barnsdale

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