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Peat B

I manage to get some good bargains from Wilko's at the end of the season, whenever that is !  Bags of composts for the following spring, gong for 25 to 50 pence, BIG 'uns too ! If one has storage space, the autumn is a bargain basement dream come true! All sorts of spontaneous cheapo's !


I do use venetian blind blades. So much cheaper than all the plastic labels one can buy. I just round the edges off. I use ordinary hb pencil and keeping the writing out of the sun is the trick.

chickey...ASDA sell mini growhouses for £15.


thrifty mama

Just thought id pass on this saving from my local store Home Bargains, but they have many shops nationwide. They have lots of garden bargains  so its worth a look if you can, ive picked up this morning Tesa Velcro  fastners the wide type which is suitable for attatching shrubs or roses or young trees to a support. They had 2 size widths available I got the size  50MM X 5 Metre  the other size was a narrower one ideal for tomatoe or flower support to a cane or trellis. Ive looked online to price up and the cheapest i could find was on ebay at £ 2.25 plus p&p of £2.00 the price i paid was 49 pence each, yes 49p, what a saving. They have other bargains including a card of plant slow release  feed blocks that push into tubs or hanging baskets etc 25 for 79p from makers  Garden , Bamboo canes 20 x 3ft for 89p larger ones 4ft for £1.29,its worth a look if you have a store locally, you wont be disappointed.

oooh...the velcro is a great idea, will defo get some, need canes too...thanks


i bought cheap plastic labels, use black marker pen, then when thoroughly dry, coat with cheap clear nail varnish. works a treat and ink doesn't run.


I use the clear plastic packaging that you get with things like cakes; the ones that have a domed top.  They make excellent mini 'greenhouses' for sowing seeds.  Punch a few holes in the bottom if you like drainage and place on another plastic (free) tray that once held meat or other stuff from the supermarket.  Washed of course  These are usually short-term but are free and ok until pricking out time.

Shrinking Violet

I use coloured plastic straws cut into shortish lengths.  Yes - really!

For example, in the GH when growing more than one variety/colour of the same plant, one label +pink straw = Tomato, Gardener's Delight.  All pots with pink straws are therefore effectively labelled at very little cost.  One label +blue straw = Tomato, Marmande.  All pots with blue straws are quickly identified and don't get confused with other tomato plants.

Works with all sorts of plants (white and pink lavatera, for example) where the seedlings are easily confused.

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