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Pottie Pam

So good to hear good news, Dove. Hope she's okay but will buck up when she gets back to her puppies.









Looks like my own Labrador.  Nice story.  


Happy endings don't happen very often nice to see


flowering rose

that is good news,its a amazing how strong a wave can be,I for one walking along the shore at Branscombe was swept into the sea by one wave, I found it hard to get back to shore and I had to go home very wet  But back to animals ,I always keep the dog on lead while walking the cliffs so many people don't and you hear of dogs going over and having to rescued if at all.



I was camping O'about three years ago when a man got hit by a cow that had fallen of a cliff

sounds funny but I think the man and cow died



Best to camp on top of the cliff than at the bottom.


Someone I knew had a border collie who chased a ball over a cliff - fortunately it was a sandy cliff with a lot of ledges - my ex OH went over and got the dog back - not a wise thing to do - the cliffs weren't high but the tide was right in 

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