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Orchid Lady

As I have my first Sunflower of the year and I know quite a few if us are growing them through previous discussions, I thought I would start a thread so we can post all our happy sunflower pictures 

 I hope no one minds.

Here is my Black Knight.

 With the sun shining in it this morning it looks like chocolate



Victoria Sponge

It is lovely 

Mine all died/ didn't come up...


That is a beauty, well done, mine are no where near at flowering stage and then only old fashioned yellow ones.

Orchid Lady

Some of mine are shorter and I have some in pots, not all sunflowers grow very big though.  I have some called Brown Eyed Girl (which were old seeds and I won't be growing again a I can't find them!) and they only grow to 3-4' but have several flowers. Most of my others are nowhere near flowering  and I was surprised to see this hiding away.

Lyn, nothing wrong with 'old fashioned yellow ones', I have some of those too.  I love sunflowers, I think they are such a happy flower  I have about 25 growing, of 4 different varieties......I should change my name to Sunflower Lady 


The tallest of my 4sunflowers, (out of the 30 seeds I started with ), is only about a foot tall.

Orchid Lady

Oh no Pauline, I wonder why?  They are easy to grow usually, they must be because they are just about the only thing I've grown successfully before I came on here!! Not all my seeds germinated though, I think because some were old and a couple got destroyed in the wind earlier in the year. Are they getting plenty of sun?

Hi Orchid Lady great thread ! Yep I do think you should change your name to sunflower lady ! And I'm with you, sunflowers are such happy flowers. Mine were old seeds, can't remember the name and as I've got a dog on my knee I'm not allowed up to check ! But they were supposed to be 6-8 foot. About half are flowering at 3-5 foot with small heads, so a bit disappointed. But more to come with side shoots. I'll try and post pics soon, but I'm not very technical.
That's one of the things I love about living in France, fields upon fields of sunflowers that are SO beautiful. And it's great to be able to pick a few on the quite for vases in the house. Although not everything is rosey about life in France and I miss England alot.
Ps - love your pics !

Most of them just disappeared from the garden, hungry birds I guess.  

Orchid Lady

 Pauline, I lost a couple to slugs/snails that absolutely destroyed them in one night, my dogs have broken a couple after planting too.  It's just as well I did grow too many as in the end there is just enough. I hope the 4 you have give you lovely happy flowers and that you will share your pics with us.

Thank you Lily, I think I would get banned if I changed my name again, it caused enough confusion when I changed it to Orchid Lady (it was Tracey Newbie!!) 


mine are ok at the minute, managing to keep slugs at bay. no where near flowering yet though.


Mine are the same Sunny Sarah. Mine are still growing. No sign of flower heads yet!!

Yours look fab OL. Very jealous you have flowers.

I've still got 4   First time I have tried growing them.

Orchid Lady

I love Sunnysarah's avatar 



I found one of mine that was almost 6ft, snapped in half this morning! Not impressed.

Orchid Lady

Oh no, I'd be gutted 

 Do you know what did it or was it just the weight?

This one is in a pot, I have them on each side if my back door, and looks like it will be open anytime  I think it's Brown Eyed Girl so can't wait to see it.


I haven't got a clue it was perfectly fine last night

The sunflowers which the slugs etc didnt get, are also nowhere near floweitng stage, but they seem to be growing without any thing eating them. What a beautiful sunflower. I thought they were all yellow, hence the name.

They are called sunflowers because they turn to face the sun. Quite a sight, seeing acres and acres of sunflowers all facing the same way.