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It can happen with age, apparently. Both heads don't age at the same pace. One becomes fat  and sagging and falls forward, leaving the slightly younger-looking one attached behind.

I may be mistaken and it is, in fact, Jake the Peg who must be getting on a bit too.

Yes, Josusa, it’s dear Boris, the Rock Star, getting himself fit for the Office that awaits him, once Mrs May is out of the way?  His vaulting ambition... sorted out David Cameron, but it would seem Mrs May won’t go quietly; she’s made of sterner stuff?  How unfortunate!

One does have to...admire the “perky nips”, of course, as well the fulness of his mammaries.  I’m sure many a catwalk performer would envy them! 

B3 !

But I think I understand your ….mistake!


I don't think you are doing Boris-the-saviour-of-our-NHS much justice, Danae.  Here is a picture that shows him exactly as he is.

This suddenly springs to mind.  Only this one isn't a polititian.

Have you got a picture of Benny with his...3 legs?


Artemis3 says:

Not really patriotic though, Danae, is it?  But, Banksy's creation says it all...

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So, Kitchener's  "Your Country Needs You" has been supplanted by Boris' "WANTS".  Rather telling!  Never mind the attire!


Artemis3 says:

Have you got a picture of Benny with his...3 legs?

See original pos
No wonder he's running, see that small brown object escaping from his shorts?

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I think Banksy portrays him in a way that is rather reminiscent of the Artful Dodger!


But he was a cunning and skilful crook!

I think Dickens’ Artful Dodger was all that and also loyal to the leader of his "party" and “colleagues”.

True, he's not spiteful, envious or antagonistic towards the leader of the pack. 

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