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This one certainly made me laugh.  And think!


Phaidra, it made me think too..thank you for a giggle and a new perspective

Pleasure, B3.  I'm so glad young ladies like her exist and make us think.  I just wish I had her confidence at her age!


I wonder what she's doing now. 


I believe she is in the upper sixth, taking her A levels.


Wow! I thought she was older than that.

Being a June baby,  with no sisters, most of my class seemed so sophisticated and soigne -not a patch on her! 

I don't think many teenagers would be.  Some people are more confident than others, of course.  I believe her father is a journalist, so that probably helped her.  Who knows?  However, I'm glad such young ladies exist.

She certainly is, Phaidra.  In fact, I googled her and found out that her speech won her £2K for herself and £3K for her school.  Lucky Newstead Wood School for Girls!  I believe Orpington has the two most highly achieving schools in the Borough of Bromley but, of course, they're VERY selective. 

Hi Danae

Yes, I do remember the fame of the Orpington Grammars from the time when Labour MP, Harriet Harman, sent her son to St Olave's Grammar School, which had some Tories frothing at the mouth!

Now that elections are just round the corner and we can't turn on any medium of mass communication without hearing the same old promise of greatness to which we will return after we achieve a STRONG Brexit, a friend sent me this; so I thought others might want to have a giggle too.


says it all 

It certainly does, Joyce, especially the final line!


So, don't talk to me until I've had my covfefe!  

That's really funny, Danae.  Even funnier, I think, that his staff/lackies tried to convince us that he wrote it because it has some proper meaning; so much so that he... deleted it!

I saw that on Have I Got News for You.  Very funny and clever.

The row about Brexit remains hot.  Is the Queen a Remoanarch?