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please send some of that weather down to Tenby PLEASE we are all waterlogged

Bunny ...
I shall share when I have done all my jobs ....that ok ?;)
glass half full

as 11.30 today its been snowing ,and laying,a couple of inches up until now.never mind,theres always tomorrow or the next day 


Bunny ...
Snow turning to rain here

First small flakes here (Peterborough) I'm thinking it won't come to much. All gone by tomorrow morning, warming up. Seeds will germinate, builder will come and fix chimney and all will be well

Bunny ...
Exactly , BBQ's will be getting fired up, cars washed , mowers running
glass half full

Mi nice merc slk 2 seater will wake up from hibo-nation on sayrdayt,just in time for run out on sunday,whilst young seedlings are hardening off outside.Nice n easy w/e

I won't be doing anything outside until the beginning of April - I've seen what the weather's been like and I think it will be a lot more of the same throughout March.  Snowfall followed by a thaw, then turning cold & snowing again.  Hopefully it will be a bit drier this weekend, and I can continue my war on Brambles in the garden over the road (was my FIL's house), I got about a third of the way down the garden and the bad weather hit, so I've not been able to go back and dig any of the roots out.  Have to wait until OH is back from work, to look after little ones, and by the time he gets back, it's dark outside.  Sigh.  Can't wait for the clocks to go forward, so I can get an hour on Wednesdays & Fridays, when he's back at a reasonable time!

Jess is in the Garden

I know excatly how you feel Muddy re the kids bit - I'm gazing out of the garden door, almost chomping at the bit!

Set to be fair and warmer the next few days - thank god, as I'm building a raised bed with OH, adding some slatted trellis to our back fence, putting down some plum slate and generally moving plants around - oh and a much anticipated trip to garden centre which, after so many weeks of garden inactivity, I'm very excited about

I am fed up with this wet and windy weather as I have so much to do in the garden and now I have a nasty cold to stop me getting out there as well. Roll on warmer drier weather please and not a nother summer like last year as well.


Bunny ...
I agree Doreen , I think we must be due a better summer this year, I'm struggling to remember the sunshine .

Garden centre trip would be fab, avoiding them like the plague at the moment, as I'd only depress myself seeing lots of lovely plants (and a shed, oh, for a shed!) that I can't afford.  I might allow myself a trip to the local Aldi, they've got some fab bargains there this week, hoping they have some apple trees and raised beds left by the time I get there!

Bunny ...
I'm sure they will have mummy paws,

My garden thinks it is Spring: witchhazels, winter jasmine, snowdrops, wallflowers, primroses (relocated from Devon in 2010), flowering trees, hellebores, quinces etc etc are all in bloom, and the clematis and passifloras are in bud, and have been all winter.  Daffodils and tulips are about to bud and then flower.  And all this in my garden in Cumbria, from where I can see Skiddaw in the Lake District and Criffel in Scotland.  Very little snow this winter - so where is this dreadful winter everyone keeps talking about?  Expecting my geranium plug plants shortly, and can't wait to sow my seeds.  And the orchids flower and reflower all year indoors, as do the cyclamen and, almost all year, the prolific Hoya Carnosa.  Stop moaning, or come to live in CumbriAa

Hiya leone123, same here in Cornwall. Everything, it seems, is in full flower. Flowering Currant is opening, gazanias haven't stopped flowering all winter. It's just been the rain.....we've had lots of it. But several days now of dry, sunny weather and things looking hopeful. It's been a very mild far! However cold weather is forecast later in the week....still supposed to dry n sunny though

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