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Ordered the above via a GW email, has taken over a month to arrive and that was after a chasing email! Of the 6 varieties in the collection only 1 was as described (Stipa), the rest were substituted. Awaiting a response - the manager is out until Monday...

Not impressed , has any one else had experience of GW/Hayloft offers, good or bad?

Collection should have contained:

a.. Calamagrostis Brachytricha
b.. Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'
c.. Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'
d.. Stipa tenuissima 'Pony Tails'
e.. Koeleria glauca
f.. Pennisetum al Mouldry

but I got:

1A: carex elata aurea
1B: miscanthus sinensis malepartus red
1D: Calamagrostis Karl Foerster
1E: Carex Testacea
1F: Stipa Tenuissma pony tails




I've never used Hayloft ,Tim (although many people on the forum have) but they seem to have a good reputation. I think it's always going to be difficult  to supply collections of any type exactly to the letter, and if they stipulate that a substitute might be provided, then you have to accept that.

If they don't mention substitutes though - that's a different matter and you are entitled to question it , and probably reject the plants and request a refund. 

Mike Allen

Sad to say experiences like this are most common.  Much relating to buying by post or on-line has graced the forums of GW.  I dealt only once with Hayloft.  I wasn't impressed.  Yes I fully understand that today's electrnic means of buying has it's benefits but, for those who possibly go out to a nursery or garden center.  I think this is best.


The problem with garden centres is that they only stock certain plants Mike - that's certainly the case here. Waste of time going to them unless you only want to choose from a very small selection of 'common' plants, which is why everyone's garden looks like their neighbour's garden in the end! 

I'm fortunate that I can go to a large nursery about three quarters of an hour drive away, but for many people, online buying is the best option. I only buy from specialist growers though, and I buy individual plants that I want. I've only ever had a problem once, when I got the wrong plants, but they would have chanegd them. I gave some to my sister instead  

Thanks for your responses.

The reason for buying the advertised collection was based on the less common grasses included, I would not expect substitution to the degree I experienced (83% substitution: 5 out of 6 grasses). The one that wasn't substituted (Stipa) is so common, we have it self setting around the garden already. Another 3 I have picked up from car boots locally.

As the promotion was through GW I'd wrongly assumed a reasonable level of service. Looks like the grasses will get returned, I await their response.

In summary the collection received was 1: late, 2: a common set of grasses, duplicating what I already have, 3: communication was non-existant without a prompt from myself.

Oh well, back to using ebay and the local car boot.



I'd not let it lie with the company Tim. Unless they've clearly stated they might substitute plants, you have a right to a refund if they haven't supplied you with what they advertise as being in the collection. 

I believe people get a good response if they go on company's Facebook pages to complain. I've never done it so I don't know if that's correct. I think they dislike the negative attention though! 

Hi Tim, i am always one to give credit where credit due but then i will also complain if i am not happy with product or service. I wouldn't let it lie either, keep on until you get a satisfactory response, even if it means a refund of your postage and cost of grasses, or offer to return them and they pay postage. You have rights with "distance sellng" and they will not like( shouldn't like) you being unhappy with your purchase. 

I bought some 9cm plants online recently and 1 was damaged, stem snapped and 1 looked really poorly. I took photos and sent to supplier. They advised that both should be fine come spring but if they are not, to get back in touch, i most certainly will 😉

I bought the 4 hostas on the GW offer and they look good 🙂 And the strawberries too, also good

On a positive note, several years ago i sent an email to an equestrian maker of an item, saying how fab their product was and i was so pleased, and i had posted such comments on an equestrian forum to rave about the item. They replied by offering me some £300 worth of their products to try, test and review and i got to keep them, bonus 🙂

Let us know how you get on Tim.

I haven't had any dealings with Hayloft, but I would be pretty unhappy too if 5 out of 6 items were substitutes.  1 or possibly 2 would be acceptable at a pinch, but 5 is taking the you-know-what.

Thanks pete8,

I had taken a look at that thread seeing if I could find comment about hayloft... But kind of after the horse had bolted!

As mentioned I was lured in by the fact it was a GW promotion. Let's hope it gets sorted. I note the delivery date for the same grass collection is now july 18!... I won't be waiting that long ;)

Hi Tim, did hayloft quote a july '18 delivery? Maybe an email to GW to encourage them to ensure that they are confident that the companies who are advertising offers are able to provide a decent service to go with that offer. After all, the offers are just an incentive to get our email addresses. I have been bombarded with emails from the companies I took up on their offers. I merely unsubscribe. 


The conclusion: I have a full refund, an apology, grasses I didn't order and promise of the correct grasses in July '18.

I'm left wondering after I enquired a month after ordering and were advised: "there has been a slight delay on the order but it should reach you within the next 2-3 weeks" whether they actually had the correct grasses in stock? But the explanation that followed: "On further investigation there has been an error our end and the plants which were sent to you are not the same plants that were advertised. It is a set up error our end and I am trying my very best to be able to solve this for you".

So a mixed experience, which has cost only my time! Thanks for your help.

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