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i've found using a heated propagator for streptocarpus cuttings much better than without, and it's a massive relief if i forget to sow seeds and need them to catch up with the rest. 

I love my windowsill heated propagator and I have found that the bottom heat creates a perfect temperature for seedlings to grow. Having tried both the propagator and just growing on a sunny windowledge I would even say that it may be less worrying for a novice because the seeds come up much quicker and more reliably. I would hazard a guesstimate of seeds coming up probably in as much as half the time it takes without the bottom heat.


The rate of germination, I am finding, is much higher with a heated propagator; e.g. 28 tomato seeds planted and 24 germinated, 15 cerinthe seeds yealded 13 plants and counting; have always had probs with cerinthe before.


Strange you should say that about cerinthe.  I bought the sarah Raven seeds and had a complete 100% with them, no propagator at all. I am not having the same success with my own collected seeds on certa

in plants!

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