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Pat E

Thanks Fidget. 

Now for everyone to wake up.


I'm awake 

Advent calendar hung up, and its pockets filled with treats 🍭

Littlest Chicklet passed her driving test yesterday   She was so excited, and I managed to BAFTA my way to being delighted for her

Out with old friends last night - had a lovely meal in a pub just outside Hampton Court Palace gates - it looked wonderful when we came out to go home - all lit up and glittering in the frost.  The sticky toffee pudding inside me kept me warm on the journey home


Thanks Chicky! I look forward to seeing everyone posting here. It's always so much more fun when we all chat together rather than spilt into our little clicks.

Chicky: well done to your new taxi driver! 

7'C in the house this morning. Only 5'C outside!


OMG Clari. You need a labrador to throw on the bed and keep Reggie company, (and the bed warm)  I got up early, the house cold, I put the heating on and I am sat in front of a gas fire with a cup of coffee.

When will your heating be sorted? I had my boiler changed in the summer. It was a days job, and is now due its three month check up/ adjustments if necessary. We also changed the kitchen radiators, the extension is a cold little box and needed something bigger.

Will you be on Grand Designs or is it more  the £100k challenge?



Good morning all  Thanks for doing the honours Fidget 

A pinch and punch and white rabbits etc. 

Clari (( hugs)) keep warm 

Chicky - the anxiety never goes, no matter how good a driver they are, you just learn to hide it better 

Not quite so cold out there this morning. Nevertheless I shall be wearing my big winter coat when I catch the bus into the city this morning. 


H all.

Another disturbed nights sleep, if only I had not needed sleeping tablets all those years ago.

Did anyone see the last part of The Missing last night, the BBC do some things really well.

I am with you Clari, although I have been told that I am part of the problem and not the solution.

Chrissy the gardener

Hi all really foggy this morning and very cold, I've just put some seed out for the escaped pheasants (they missed getting shot, at the pheasant shoot over the way ) and its VERY cold out there and white with frost. This is the kind of morning when you are pleased you don't have to turn out for work.

LG the L

[sneaks in]

Wondering if I might join in occasionally? I read but haven't taken part up to now because I don't think I'll manage to keep up / remember who everyone is / post  every day,  but if an irregular contribution would be acceptable then... hello.

Good morning all , particularly LG 

not so frosty this morning 

Lincoln Christmas market starts today , helping at Cathedral Tomorrow 

Have a good day everybody 


The more the merrier. Most of us  [ well perhaps only me ] struggle to remember what is going on, but no one else seems to mind.


Morning all. -5° here, but sky is blue.

Spent an hour in the veg plot and 2 hours in the middle bed yesterday. Now need to plant tulips and alliums in the middle bed. Saw yesterday that one of the bags of tulips that daughter gave me isn't 10 bulbs but 50, Angelique. Hope there's room!

Welcome LG, pop in when you like, doesn't matter if you forget things - you're not the only one!

OH is coming back from England this afternoon

I saw The Missing last night, gripping to the end. I hope Julian was just under anaesthetic and not dead though. But fiction so doesn't really matter but you get involved all the same.


Welcome LG the L    please feel free to join in - everyone is welcome ... no rules except be nice - post as and when you feel like it - and you don't have to remember what's going on ... sometimes it helps if you don't   Virtual cake is always acceptable, as is 

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Oooh, that was a big one !!!  Plenty for all comers ......................... 

LG the L

Ooh lovely. I shouldn't really (have to limit my caffeine intake), but it looks like you need some help with that one so it'd be rude not to, wouldn't it? Cheers! I still haven't made my Christmas puddings but when I do, I'll be sure to pop an extra one on and share it here.


Thanks for the coffee, dove, you didn't mind my having that large mug did you?

No frost this morning, unlike yesterday, and still cold, crisp and dry. Don't mind cold and dry, it's the damp I can't stand.

Punkdoc, B-L et al, yes, I watched the last episode of The Missing as well. I confess I found the series a bit confusing sometimes but excellent nonetheless. I think they left Julian like that to keep options open for another series. Hope we get one.


Morning all. 3 hours sleep on two consecutive nights meant I didn't feel up to popping in yesterday. 

Another day on the beach to look forward to. e

Off to see more loggerhead turtles hatching later. Here's one from the other night.


Morning all.  It's so long since we had kittens I'd forgotten how manic they can be at 3am!  OH, of course, just sleeps through.   He did that when Possum was a baby too.

Bright and sunny here but nippy.   We had frost, apparently, but all gone now.  I still have bulbs to plant this pm and some of the smaller perennials we brought with us. The rest are gathered on the sunny side of the house and sheltered from winds so I hope will be OK. 

Have to do a shop today cos we're off to Namur for a long weekend to sort out some stuff.  Possum has asked for an assortment of spices and cooking stuff plus arylics and brushes.   Seems she's gone crafty.

Chicky - you do learn to hide the worry and it is lovely not be a taxi.

Clari - have you drawn it all out on paper?   Make cut out scale g'houses and hen runs and trees and then shuffle them till happy.

OH missed the first 4 episodes of Missing and the 5th didn't record so I've been waiting for him to catch up before watching the rest which we can now do together.

Morning everyone. Brass monkeys weather here this morning - just got in from chipping a hole in the ice on the water trough so the little wren who likes to stop by can get her drink . Sun's out now though. I was going to put some crumpets in the toaster - anyone want one?


Morning all Had another three hours sleep after early morning cuppa.

Dry and sunny again today

Will get a few perennials planted now that the soil isn't frozen.