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Morning all.

Raining here. Can't garden, did HW and ironing yesterday. Finished my book last week, Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. Haven't started another one yet. Have loads of paperwork to file, haven't done it for ages, but the study is freezing cold. OH turns the rads off to save fuel bills. Hate filing anyway. But my 2 new photo albums arrived so I think I'll stick in some more photos.

Whenever I've shopped in Waitrose the people at the tills have always been very nice. There was a lovely man in Eastbourne, must have been well over retirement age.

Fairy I'm shocked! We have the drizzle dark rain predicted for the whole day!  so pergola plans are on hold for now but in my head it looks fantastic!  however, I'm going to have to have a rethink on what to climb it as I want something evergreen....everything I'd had planned to move to the pergola, dies back. LG has recommended an evergreen Jasmine which I like the look of but it is a big space and can do with more than one climber.


Hurrumph!!!  Ate our dippy eggs and toastie soldiers, put the coffee to brew next to a box of seed packets on the dining room table and went out and gathered pots, seed trays, compost etc ... came back in, poured the coffee - turned around and there's torrential rain hammering on the windows!

So it's not a gardening day here either then

It'll have to be knitting on the sofa in front of the athletics while slow roast belly of pork, baked apples and tatties chunter in the oven for supper. 

WonkyWomble says:

.... LG has recommended an evergreen Jasmine which I like the look of but it is a big space and can do with more than one climber.

See original post

 Never underestimate the covering power of Trachelospermum jasminoides Wonky

Really Dove? That's a good thing!  want to block out the neighbours asap!  want the growth speed of a Montana on steroids if possible! 


Dovefromabove says:

It'll have to be knitting on the sofa in front of the athletics while slow roast belly of pork, baked apples and tatties chunter in the oven for supper. 

See original post

 It's a tough job Dove.....

I've hung the washing out - but there's dark clouds looming....what's that about?

I had a pair of goldfinches visiting earlier so I might be off to buy a niger feeder to entice them in! One had a look in at the feeder in the cage but didn't venture in. They were there for seconds only, but I got a pic - sheer luck 

Fantastic picture Fairy!  those black clouds aren't coming from here! We still have ours!


Sheer luck Wonks. I went into the bedroom to get the laundry basket and saw them swoop in. I got the camera, took a pic, and as I was about to get another, off they went  

I'm crossing fingers for the skies and will possibly wash the car first before tackling any garden stuff.


Wet and Miserable here too.  No gardening today, but off to visit Firstborn later so I'm sure Mabel will cheer me up with her chatter and questions. 

Desperate for a few days of dry windy weather to dry everything up a bit, I want to mow the lawns so it feels like spring is here.


We have had another 17mm of rain and now have strong breezes with occasional gusts and sunny spells.  I'm indoors prepping walls for painting but hope to get out once a first coat is on.  If not, I can always assemble cold frames and start of some stuff in the garage.

No nuthatches, tree creepers or goldfinches here but maybe we'll see more variety once we have a more varied offering of plants and shelter.    Just sparrows, blue and great tits, chaffinches, robins and an occasional blackbird here with visiting groups of starlings from time to time.

Best crack on.  Have a good day whatever you're up to.


A real monkeys birthday here today rain then sunshine then back again, I'm like you Yv want some dry breezy weather to dry things up.

I keep trying to get at the few weeds in the boarders before they get too big and can bite back 


Hello there Catnap

Still tipping it down here ... we've been to B&Q to buy some timber panels for painting on, and some more little pots for my sweet peas and now I shall get the knitting out .............

Fairy   lovely pic - must clean my kitchen window then maybe I could get a pic of our goldfinches

Pat E

11.30pm, and Regina has just left. 

I'll read all your posts later. Bit tired.


Popped home for lunch. 

Lizzie, we have lots " over retirement age" in our store including 2 ladies who are both 73 bless'em. 
One of them has just "re-trained" so she can work on tills. She's usually in the cafe.

Very blowy with blustery showers all morning. Bored with it now. I want warm sunshine and not so much wind.


So do I Hosta - soft sunshine, balmy breezes and sunshine ........ not too long now .... hopefully 



Love the monkey's birthday!  New one on me.

More rain here but sunny now so OH will do walkies while I carry on painting.   The paint turns out to be "chalky" and is hard work compared to normal acrylics but the effect should be good.  Cutting in is always so slow anyway.

Both kittens got caught out in a shower and had to have a rub down once rescued form their shelter.  Turns out they like that but all 4 critters and OH are a bit stir crazy stuck indoors so I hope the dry spell holds for a while.

Did you enjoy the book to the end Busy?  I read it several years ago and remember mixed feelings but not why.  


Those 'chalky' paints are usually really good Obelixx - particularly for traditional buildings with stone walls or timber framed ones - they should allow the walls to breathe and prevent condensation/moulds etc.

I felt the same about Labyrinth - I've not been tempted to read anything else by her. 

Hmm - apparently there's no power in the athletics stadium in Belgrade - we now have an episode of Coast instead while someone puts a coin in the slot ...


If only Dove.   All the walls have been lined with plaster board except for a couple in the annex where they kept the original stonework visible.   


A shame aesthetically ... but probably much warmer


Aha - just as I was getting interested in the walking sand dunes of Denmark, someone has found enough Dinars to feed the meter and we have athletics on tv - we've not missed anything because the whole stadium had ground to a halt