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Hello Forkers ... August edition

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Enjoy your anniversary meal Obelixx.

Have been to SM. No queues at tills

Very muggy so wouldn't be surprised if there is a down pour soon.


Inviting people for a barbecue is a sure 'fire' way of getting rain  

Sorry - this is what happens when I'm off work and haven't summoned the strength to go and do anything productive yet  

I think the nature of my job when younger was the catalyst for always being weather prepared. I suppose it's carried on in later life with gardening and hillwalking - all pursuits which require readily available, waterproofing clothing. 

r'girl - I check the webcams for the hills, and they still make me laugh when all you see is a grey screen. The lowest Glencoe one (at the foot of the hill and  facing the Bookil) currently shows the vegetation down at base level only...the Bookil's completely invisible. The Ben More one's the same - only part of the hill in front is visible  


Post away Dacha ... that's part of what we're here for ... giving purpose to waiting in queues 

Didn't watch the new BakeOff ... I was tucked up in bed ... I like Prue Leith but not sure if she's an appropriate  Mary Berry replacement .... but I can't stand Paul Hollywood nowadays ... I used to like him but as BakeOff grew he seemed to believe his own publicity, and the twinkle in his eye was replaced with a rather unpleasant leer   However I'm a big fan of Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding, so I'll give it a look to see how they're handling it.  

All went fairly smoothly yesterday ... but it is a bit complicated as the new place won't be vacant until the end of the month so furniture and most belongings had to be stored in a stable at the new place and son and cat will be houseboat sitting for friends as from Friday ... in the meantime son is kipping on a mattress on the floor and as he's working this week setting up a local music festival he'll be ok living out of his car during the daytime ... hope the cat adjusts to two new homes in quick succession.

The only blip occurred this morning ... over the years son has accumulated a load of tatt and stuff from the old business which needed to be junked, plus stuff that his ex left behind and didn't want ... so he got a small skip delivered about a month ago and filled it ... it was collected and another skip delivered which we finished filling yesterday.  Rather than over-fill it when son junks the mattress on Friday, we phoned the skip company and asked them to collect the second one yesterday and bring a third to be collected on Friday pm.   I reminded them that the access road was narrow but that there was plenty of room in the yard.  No problem, we've done it twice before, was the reply.

By the time OH and I were ready to leave yesterday the skip hadn't arrived but they've always been reliable in the past so we weren't concerned.  As I dropped son's 'Gofer lad' off at his home a skip lorry from the right company trundled past us so we did a loop and went back to the house in case we could help by asking neighbours to move cars to allow the lorry to turn into the yard ...but no lorry appeared although we waited quite a while ... then we gave up and presumed it wasn't 'our lorry'.  

This morning I had a phone call from another company which apparently took over the original skip company yesterday and he said that the driver couldn't collect the skip as it had been pushed back manually ... there was no way he could get at it   I asked if he was suggesting that I, a 65 year old woman with a gammy knee, dodgy shoulder and a recently broken foot, had pushed a skip across a yard???  I explained that the skip to be collected was in exactly the same place as the skip that was collected last time and then said that we had been there awaiting the lorry and that the driver was lying as he didn't even drive up the lane.

I checked with son and rang back and gave them a description of the driver and lorry who had delivered and collected skips from that address in the past.  

I then had an apology ... when the boss confronted the driver which what I'd said he admitted that he'd never even driven up the lane ... he'd known it was narrow and he'd have to ask people to move cars and he didn't bother!!!  He'd lied and said that we'd moved the skip 



Apparently the original skip company used small lorries but the new company didn't buy the lorries when they bought the business ... they've only got bigger ones ... they also only took on one of the drivers ... they obviously took on a liar and not the good worker who knew how to do the job.  I've told them it their problem ... they've got to sort it out ... they've promised they will.  



Still sunny ( ish ) here raisingirl.

Cuppa and a bit of cake before heading off to the coal face. 

Pound to a penny I'll be stuck in store all day .



Thats   **##** ridiculous Dove 


raisin's actually The Presidential Clinic ....snobbish I know but it is the best as that is where all the wealthy politicians including Mr P. are treated 

Ob .....shame on me I hadn't got a clue so from  henceforth BH  .......happy anniversary

Cheers dove ....


'sake Dove. Hopeless tarts   

That's the problem nowadays for delivery companies - they're only as good as their drivers.

Cake hosta? Cake? You never kept me a bit either  

Hope you stuff your face properly tonight Obelixx. It's the least you can do  


Sorry Dove, our posts overlapped.

Oh I do hate folk telling me lies. 

Why can't folk tell you the truth, not what they think you want to hear?

If a mistake has been made, and we all do it, confess to it, apologise and make amends. 


Hubby suggested make a courgette cake for our VIP guests next week. I've insisted he does a trial run first.


It's only polite to taste test first Hosta. Surely one of your five a day - at least - too  


Being lazy, I bought a Belgian chocolate cake this morning for my Thursday visitor 


Hosta....we have a big crop of courgettes ......never heard of courgette cake so would be interested to hear what it is like? 

plant pauper

DL Dyers End came on specially yesterday to tell dove how marvellous it was. I don't see the point of a courgette myself but I'm beginning to come round to the idea if they're in a cake. 

I too hate liars. It's doubly insulting because 1. they're lying and 2. they think I'm stupid enough to believe them. 


Dacha, go to the virtual café thread and you'll find Dove's recipe there.



Right, I can put it off no longer. 

Coal face beckons. 

Hostafan1 says:

Hubby suggested make a courgette cake for our VIP guests next week. I've insisted he does a trial run first.

See original post

 I gave you the courgette cake recipe about a month ago, and you were going to try it, you haven't then😀


The new Bake-Off starts on 29th August. I like Prue Leith. I'll give it a go.

What a pain about the skip, hope they sort it.

Should be a lovely evening for the BBQ. 26° now. I've got disposable plates, the church cutlery and the glasses from daughter's wedding and lots of easy care tablecloths, in answer to Obelixx. Oh and the soft brown sugar (Vergeoise) that I mentioned on the café thread comes from Leclerc SM.