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The potting shed

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

A friendly place of frolics and chat where everyone is welcome to pass the time and procrastinate to their hearts' content ...

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Hello everyone ... July starts here ... 


Hi all.

Happy July.

Just up to make coffee and then back to bed, feeling yuk.

Pat E

Huh, found you both. Happy 1st July everyone.

Pat E

Sorry, Punkdoc, I forgot you were feeling poorly with your man flu. Enjoy your coffee and rest.


Hosta ... such a shame about Adele's cancelled concerts .- hopefully she'll be able to reschedule  .. glad your daughter enjoyed the one she went to ... son was there during the week setting up the sound system.  He said that reassuringly the security was incredibly strict.  

Pdoc ... plenty of room on the sofa ... Saturday Kitchen then tennis ok with you? 


Pat E

Clari, well done getting your new lounge. I'm sure it will be appreciated. 

We've been out the back trying to clear some secondary growth from our usual driving trails this afternoon. I'm very happy to report that I've managed to get past my target of 6000 steps - im trying to make up for yesterday's terrible lazy freezing day. 

I might put a few photos on one of the other threads - don't want to overdo our new month.


Morning all. 

There's a big shiny thing in the sky this morning. No idea what it is. I seem to remember it from a very , very long time ago.

I have to say I'm feeling very sorry for Adele having to cancel her last two gigs and all those fans who were going to see her. 

My niece went during the week and loved it.

Hubby helping in the garden today so we might get the last beds made in "the allotment". Mucho Excitemundo.


Hosta Hugs for punkdoc . In a nice manly, not homo, way.


I was listening to Radio 4 early this morning ... take a few minutes to listen to this report from an experienced fire officer who lives in a tower block 

Horrifying ... thank goodness he's aware and diligent enough to pursue this ... 

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Morning all.

Blue sky and sun have returned 

Dropped post in June edition forgetting it's the 1st today

star gaze lily

Wow July  already,  pinch punch

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly Pdoc.  Get well soon. 

No sunshine here Hosta

Have a lovely day everyone. 


First bulb catalogue has just arrived 

It will be decisions, decisions. . . . 


Hello SGL 

We had a takeaway last night ... my Fortune Cookie said ... "Your days will be filled with sunshine and happiness"    These things are reliable, aren't they? 


Dull and cool here but dry.  We're off to Les Sables d'Olonne to buy large prawns from the market to BBQ this evening.  Local grown steak to follow and local pork and herb sausages.    Was going to be marinaded lamb ribs but senior SIL doesn't do fat.   Humph.   While there we'll have a shufty at a triathlon event and some sailing event and a good stroll after a lovely fishy lunch.

I have to abandon them all on Monday to drive up to Belgium for a friend's funeral.   Brain tumour.  His wife was my friend first and their youngest daughter is Possum's civil godmum.   OH will be left with pussies and doggies and family for a few days.

Need to get my brassicas and toms in the ground before I go and automatic sprinkling going on as OH has no idea...........but the rellies leave on Tuesday and he says he'll rotavate the other beds in the potager so we can our soft fruits and rhubarb in and prepare for espalier fruits to go  in in autumn.

Have a good day on teh sofa Dove and PD and any other crook Forkers.   Hope you get your project done Hosta.

Greetings to all.  Hope you have a great day, whatever the weather.




Nice sunny day here. Boring job to do.

Our house has a cream render but the proximity of many large trees means green algae grows in certain spots on the render - makes it look very grubby. Was last treated with special fungicidal cleaner about 4 years ago - and now it's time to do it again. Horrible job. Hopefully decorator will do it next time when the house gets painted again in 2019.

After that I might finally get around to planting some nicotiana which have well outgrown their seed trays. Was waiting for damp soil to plant them in - finally had some decent rain on Thursday.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone - hope all poorly peeps feel better soon


"I'm in with a chance". god loves a trier. 

I wish her all the best.


Just had a message from my nephew's wife ( does that make her my niece? ) She was due to see Adele tomorrow night. 


Oh Hosta ... that's a shame!   I hope the concerts will be rescheduled ......... if so, there's a silver lining ... it'll mean more work for my son