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The potting shed

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

A friendly place of frolics and chat where everyone is welcome to pass the time and procrastinate to their hearts' content ...

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Hello everyone

There was a bit of a glitch getting June started but now the forum's back up and running (thanks to Nora and the team) so, let's get on with it .......... 


Hi all.

Glad we are live again.

Lovely discovery this morning. I was up a ladder trying to remove some C. alpine, that had wrapped round the TV dish, when I discovered a Grey Wagtail nest. I knew they were nesting nearby, as I see them everyday in the mud at the edge of the pond.

Now to mow the lawns, not quite a Hosta job, but takes a good 2 hours and I don't really enjoy it.

Hope you are keeping occupied Dove and are not in too much pain.


Thanks Dove

Is Wonky going to have a new supply of warm sweaters for the winter?

Phew!!  As a new member I thought I had been banned from the forum!  I was trying figure out what I could have possibly said to warrant being thrown out...........well then I thought it maybe my reply to getting a fast growing climber, I suggested a russian vine, l had one in a previous garden along a long ugly concrete wall and I loved it.  I have tried several places to buy another one but cannot find one.  Unfortunately, here in the South West of Ireland there are very few nurseries left, the large superstores sell a large amount of plants, Homebase, Lidl, Dunnes etc. all sell the same stock, very little variation.  I sooo envy those of you living in the UK, the variation of plants from nurseries is extraordinary, I realised this when I went to my first Bloom flower show in Dublin 6 years ago, there were a lot of UK plant suppliers there, fuschias, begonias, clematis, and so much more, very different and to me, new colour variations and stock which I have never seen here.  I have never bought online from the UK as I am unsure as to how the plants would survive the journey.   


Hello Mary and welcome aboard 

Warm wooly for Wonky in progress as we speak Joyce 



Russian vine IMHO is a menace and looks ghastly for about 50 weeks of the year.   Nurseries that sell online use special packaging to send stuff so check with the more reputable ones about posting to Ireland?

Have you thought of buying seeds and growing your own?  

Punkdoc - sounds like you need to dig up some grass and make more beds so you have less to mow - or maybe get a robot?

Good morning all.




Will be cutting back some choisya today - but first I need to tidy the house before OH gets home - I do tend to live in a mess when he's away

I was having a good hack at an eleagnus which is growing the 'wrong' way yesterday - found a nest with 3 eggs in - oops - retreated to a distance. Think it's a robin's nest - there are plenty in the garden and they come incredibly close when I'm working.

Hope there's no harm done.

I could do with a chunky cardi Dove - if you're offering

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welcome to June everyone! Let it be warm and dry probably asking to much for that!! 

Took this quick picture whilst leaving for work this morning always makes me smile 


I'll add chunky cardi to the list Topbird 

Welcome Luke ... gorgeous dahlia ... it's early! 

Morning all! Happy summer! Woolly daisy dukes might be more appropriate Dove! Sat behind the kitchen garden greenhouse in the shade of the walled garden with a pot of humous and some pita bread and bucket of coffee.

Been training the espalier fruit trees this morning

Take to you late Dove, welcome new folk! Have a lovely day all 

Pat E

Thank goodness that you're all back. I was feeling as though I'd been cut off from the world. 

I saw it yesterday in the garden centre and had to have it :)! All my others are nearly in bloom 

Ah there you are!

Dove, hope you feeling better today, are you taking orders for winter woolies

hello Mary 370, I get a lot of plants online, no problems

WW how are your hands, Pat any warmer today? Punk our buddlea regularly attacks our dish.

been to Optician, vision back to normal and damage is repairing   They suggested I wear goggles from now on.  An Optician about to sit exams is using me as a case study as she never knew the danger of plants, they have all told me to wear goggles in the garden🙄

happy June to all still to come


Have to keep coming in from GH construction duties to cool off - it's 25C in the shade out there!  More tea please vicar.   I'll start a 'Building a greenhouse' thread for Dove and anyone else who wants to see progress piccies.



Lily P - good news and yes, goggles near nasties like euphorbias if you insist on growing them.

I've come in for a drink - 32.7C out there now but still a nice breeze.   Much warmer than forecast.  

Pat E

Freezing, rotten day here. The wind from the ski fields was brisk. I've been inside all day colouring in and watching you tube colouring demos except for a very brief visit to the GH to see if everything is still alive. 

Lilyp, on glad your eye is improving. I must admit I don't grow any euphorbia plants nowadays for the same reason. I always used to get the milk sap on my wrist or hands and end up having to put something soothing on until better. 

Dove, I assume you are adjusting to the boot by now. I've still got one up on top of the cupboard in case I ever need one again.  I broke the 5th metatarsal some years ago. Very annoying. 

Hope everyone else is ok in the heat. I'm going to sleep now. 

Hi all, had my leg cast off today, it's healed but got to be careful how much i bend it. So got a brace that's​adjustable, start off 30deg for 2 weeks and go back to physio to adjust it. She put it on and told me to stand up, I nearly fell back, my muscles wasn't strong enough. Got some exercises to do.


Glad you've got the cast off. I hope the brace isn't too uncomfortable. Thanks for your kind messages ((hugs)) 

Dovefromabove, thanks,i did get a bit sweaty not long ago, so undun it for a bit while lying on settee. But i have to move around with crutches until i feel stronger. Hugs. How are you doing?

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