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I think I've caught Clari's cold . Just a dash of spiced rum in the lemon and honey, if you could AuntyRach? 


Dealt with washing and paperwork this morning then we went to the annual Christmas Fair, nearly an hour away, for the C of E. I enjoy it because we always meet people we know and I buy homemade crackers, very pretty, and a small Christmas pudding, just for OH and me. OH won 2 rather mediocre raffle prizes. One was a book about wine making around the world, but I expect it was in someone's cupboard for a bit as it was last updated in 2002.

There was a frost this morning but it was sunny so I put the washing out, but it was still damp, now on radiators.

Have planted the last of my pots with violas.

Glad I took that elderly rescue horse to keep my mare company, he's getting on so well with her. She has never been so friendly with another horse.


It's lovely that the horses are getting on well together Busy

Hope you are feeling better.

Clari, hope your cold clears up soon.

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