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The potting shed

Hello Forkers ... September edition

A friendly place of frolics and conversation where everyone is welcome to join in to chat and procrastinate to their heart's content...

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A few minutes early but here is the new thread for September.

Happy chatting.   Bed for me in a minny.  G'night all.

LG the L

G'night all. Meant to post again after saying hello from Kew, but then got caught up in the day. It was lovely, will see if any of my pics are worth sharing tomorrow.

Pat E

Thanks Obelixx.


Morning's September already ......thanks Ob ......I got my message to myself to ping you ......but you but you were an early bird is holding up at the moment but I think we can pack the sprinkler system motors away for the winter is full of leaves as well !

Good morning to September. Well done Obelixx, Dove will be impressed with the early action!

Not usually up this early but the kittens were keen for early breakfast so happy to oblige (i.e. stop them running round the bedroom like lunatics!). OH has busy day ahead so trying to allow him a full night's sleep. 

Forecast clear and sunny for this first day in September so will watch the sunrise and maybe take some cuppas back to bed.



Morning all   Pinch, punch and all that 🐇🐇🐇

Work today, then driving to sisters tonight ready for our walk tomorrow  It starts at 6.30, so decided I had best wakeup nearby.  Feeling horribly nervous 😩.  Huge thanks once again to all you lovely peeps for sponsoring me - I will hear my Forker friends cheering me on when it gets tough 

........See you Sunday .......


Good morning all  Thanks Obelixx ((hugs)) very efficient! 

Still snuggled in Hostas guest room   ...  slept like a log after a wonderful meal and lots of chat. We had a good drive down and arrived as you know, a bit earlier than planned  But as the sun was shining we thought it'd give us a good chance to walk around the garden ... However Hosta has a sort of built in "sprinkler system"  that comes on as soon as you're at the furthest point from the house ... Drowned rats had nothing on us!!!  

He's done so much since we were here last ... It looks amazing despite his protestations... Even if it was a bit squelchy underfoot in a couple of places. 

Chicky ... Best of luck ... Hope the weather is kind to you and hope you enjoy it ((hugs))

plant pauper

Morning all.

Chicky??? Sponsored???? What's your good cause? How do I do it? How did I miss it? Sake!!! Good luck for'll be great!

I knew you were doing your walk but not why. Sometimes I wonder about myself...other times I know perfectly well.

Enjoy your Friday.


Morning all.

Not nice of Hosta to turn on the watering system .Dove but hope it's dry from now on.

chicky - a 6.30 start - - - I used to love an early morning walk when all's fresh.  Weather dry of course!


Morning all - well done Obs - and afties Pat 

September - where did the rest of the year go? 

Hope it's drier for you today Dove  

Ppauper - if chicky doesn't get round to filling you in - I'll message you with the details. 

I might be up and away at that time too so I'll wish you good luck now too chicky, and I'll 'walk' with you all on my car journey, and on the hill. You'll be fine  

I've hung washing out - am I being optimistic? It's notlooking brilliant, but supposed to improve.

Quick look round before I go to work. Have a lovely day everyone.


Looks like the mods are up. It was just getting ...... peculiar?

 Maybe a cyber attack from North Korea?

Foreign students practising their translation skills?   but why do they post it online?


Good Luck . Chicky.

Picking and doing something with damsons is on the agenda for the day here.


Morning all. 

Well I'm up. No sign of Dove yet.

2nd coffee has disappeared into the bedroom but no signs of life.

Pat E

We drove home by the alternate road this afternoon so that we could be some photos of the snow. As far as I know, the slightly higher bit towards the right is Mt Kosciusko.(our highest peak)

This bridge (for want of a better name)is my least favourite bridge to try to steer though.

Good morning , lovely sunny day , good start to the Month , here is hoping for an Indian Summer

Over to allotment shortly , have a good day 



Morning all.
PP, you aren't the only one. I knew Chicky was doing a walk, but I didn't know it was sponsored, I've looked through her posts and no mention of sponsoring

I wouldn't fancy that bridge at night, Pat.

So Dove doesn't get up as early as I thought! She wakes up early then spends ages having coffee in bed - like me

Charity BBQ tomorrow for "All as One"  But not as many coming as usual, about 26. Some years I've had twice that. Anyway, I must marinate the meat and start preparing the salads. OH will sweep the kitchen terrace.  The lime tree is shedding brown leaves although it still looks green.

Pat E

BusyL, Hubby says it's an interesting experience driving a fire truck full of water over it.


 Lovely breakfast - third coffee - blue sky and sunshine 

Pat E

Morning Dove. Best wishes for a lovely day.

plant pauper

Oh good, not just me then BL. 

Could you possibly send your OH over here when he's done? My beech is shedding and starting to take on it's autumn tints.